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Roku Digital Media Receivers
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Roku Digital Media Receivers

Most people have used Netflix, Hulu or some other streaming media services and if they haven't, there's a good chance they've at least got an idea of what these services do for you. But to many people these services aren't worth the cost for one simple reason: they believe you need to watch them on your computer.

This becomes less true every passing day as companies like Roku continue to release better products at lower prices. They're simple to install, easy to use, cheap and convenient which is a big plus for the mass consumer market since most people don't want to spend a bunch of time and effort installing another device.

There are currently 4 models of Roku boxes:

Roku LT - $49.99

Roku HD - $59.99

Roku 2 XD - $79.99

Roku 2 XS - $99.99

The nice thing is that even the lowest priced box does a lot. The LT streams by wi-fi (which is built in, of course) and has access to Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Instant Videos among many others. In fact, Hulu has a larger selection of content than it's main competition, Apple TV, and that makes it a great value. And, the LT has access to HD video (at 720p).

For just $30 more the Roku 2 XD give access to full 1080p, which for many is an absolute necessity. Fortunately that keeps the price tag under $80. Step it up to the top level for $99.99 and you get an upgraded Bluetooth remote that has motion control for some of the games... really, the remote doesn't do much else.

Coupled with a subscription to Netflix and/or Hulu+ and/or Amazon Prime for between $6 and $8 a month a Roku box becomes a way to either supplement your current entertainment options or could possibly even allow you to remove cable or satellite TV from your home completely (I haven't had a cable bill in almost 4 years!)

My suggestion for the average person who wants to watch Netflix on their TV is to buy the Roku LT for $49.99. If you're like me and you need to have a little better quality picture, buy the Roku 2 XD for $79.99. I don't see a whole lot of need to buy the Roku 2 XS... as I said earlier the remote really doesn't do a whole lot. '

Roku media players are a fantastic way to get access to internet media content, offering great value in a product line that has all the power you could want in a digital media receiver.

Street Talk

Thanks again! Roku makes a great product, but there's other one's as well! Keep an eye out for my upcoming Apple TV review!

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Another great article Andrew

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