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Samsung Es8000 Review - Why The Hype?
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Samsung Es8000 Review  -  Why the Hype?

When you are looking on the Internet for a Samsung ES8000 Review there are a few things that you may want to take into consideration.

A good Samsung Es8000 review should give you as much information about the product as possible and also point you in the right direction should you wish to go ahead and purchase one.

This new Smart TV is the latest in technology form the Korean Electronics Super Giant; Samsung.

It features voice, gesture and profile recognition. You can control and adjust the settings on your television by waving your hand in front of your face and also by just talking to your television.

This new TV comes with a HD camera that has been integrated into the top of the TV itself. This is great for talking to friends and family on Skype and is also good for utilizing in games like Angry birds and others, which are gesture controlled.

This TV comes with a dual core processor, which allows you to multi task across different platforms all at the same time. You can watch TV or a movie while you are surfing the net or editing photos. The Smart Hub allows you to store and access apps that can be used for a variety of tasks.

The Smart Hub also allows the TV to be used as a home base for all your mobile interfaces. You can connect your phone or every phone in the family to the hub and you are all able to interact. Uploading schedules, photos and other things allows you to share more time and more things with your family.

This television also is one of the new LED TVs that are currently all the rage in the TV world. At only 1.2 inches thick this LED screen is brighter and has a higher variety of contrast than any other conventional LCD or Plasma television.

LED TVs are backlit with light emitting diodes which makes them cheaper to produce and also cheaper to run and maintain. These light emitting diodes have replaced the old cold cathode florescent lights that were originally used in LCD screen to back light the screen and produce images.

There are a variety of applications that can be downloaded for this swinging new television and some of these cost money whilst others are free - similar to buying apps on an iphone. Checking out a Samsung ES8000 review on the Internet is a good way of learning more about this new television. Have a look at all the tech specs and also the applications that are available for it. It comes in sizes from 50 inch right up to 75 inch and is available at most online store. A Samsung es8000 review is a good way to learn more.

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