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Samsung Smart TV Prices - Are They Too High?
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Samsung Smart TV Prices   -   Are they Too High?

A lot of people have been wondering if Samsung Smart TV Prices are too high and if you have been following the world of Smart TVs and this new form of home entertainment then you will know what I am talking about.

The new LED televisions that are out on the market are great but lets face it they are very costly. A few thousand minimum is what you are going to pay for one of the new Samsung ES8000 LED TVs and before you do it I am sure you are looking around and wondering if it is really worth it.

Well there are some advantages to these new LED televisions.

The first thing is that they are cheaper to run than clunky Plasma TVS or even the other style of LCD TVs which use florescent cathode style lights to back light the screen. The LED screens however are back lit with light emitting diodes which are much brighter and also much more energy efficient when it comes to electricity consumption.

The next feature that is pretty much exclusive to LED televisions is the thinness of them. These things are super thing - 1.2 inches for a 75-inch screen is amazing and in a world where we are all about thin screens whether they are on a computer a mobile device or a television - thin is a big thing.

Something that the Samsung ES8000 series does have that other LEDs from HP and a few other companies do not is that the Samsung ES8000 comes with an upgradable chip that fits snugly into the back of the TV. This chip can be upgraded every year, as Samsung will be bringing out a new chip each yea from 2013.

On top of all these features the Samsung ES8000 series also comes with voice and gesture recognition, which is a first in television technology. I know Microsoft Kinnect and Nintendo Wii have been around for a while now but the ES8000 is the first television to have this technology built in. You can control your television by just talking to it or waving your hand in front of it.

Then there is the built in Smart Hub that lets you access all your apps. Apps like facebook, youtube, hulu and many more are all available for purchase (some are free) and this turns your television into an interactive home suite. So even though you may think Samsung Smart TV prices are quite high there really are other things to consider.

That old saying 'you pay for what you get' may be worthwhile thinking about. There are many sites online that will list Samsung Smart TV prices - you can research a few and compare some of the models. Good luck with your TV hunt.

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