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The Difference Between Plasma And LCD Tvs
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The Difference Between Plasma And LCD Tvs

The difference between television type is important to know if you want to select the right television that is suitable your needs. This article is a guide to help you understand the difference between plasma and LCD TVs so you can know exactly what you are spending your money on.

Plasma displays are filled with a mixture of two gases, neon and xenon. Put a little voltage to these gases and you have plasma. The screen itself is made of glass and has a matrix of tiny electrodes and cells filled with plasma, which is also why they can be made so slim. Plasma televisions generates about one million vibrant colors. You can also watch sporting shows and fast action without any motion blur because plasma TVs refresh rate is about 600Hz. Another screen is also added for improved color. This makes plasma televisions ideal for a dim room.

Liquid crystal display televisions are very energy efficient and they can easily mount to the wall because these televisions weigh next to nothing. LCD TVs are ideal for gaming, since their screens aren't made of glass there's no glare so LCD televisions show good in a dim or well lit room. LCD televisions are made by placing one polarized filter each on two glass plates. The filters point light in 1 direction. Liquid crystal is rotated 90 degrees and place in between the glass plates so light will travel along its path. Placing a charge to the front plate will cause the crystal to act as an on/ff switch. Any image is possible when using a matrix of switches operating simultaneous and independently of one another as well as color lenses and proper back lighting.

Contrast is very important when buying a new TV. Look into the television screen while it is turned off. A dark TV screen means that black levels will come out deeper on the display screen. Contrast in plasma televisions are remarkable, not only because of the way the TV produce its image, but they also have a 2nd screen installed to add more contrast. Newer LED TVs has great contrast also.

You can find more or less any size LCD monitor you want online and in local retail. Plasma televisions are made in very big sizes, but they are not made any smaller than 32". When selecting a desirable size television, take a measurement between the couch and the television. Then divide that number by 2, this gives you ?approximately the ideal? size television to buy. Finally get another measurement (diagonally) of the place the TV will set so you'll know to make room for it to fit.

You also want to save your cash on steeply-priced HDMI cables. HDMI cables generate electrical pulses between HD devices. Simply put the cable will carry the signal or it will not. Standard HDMI cables are terrific for what they are suppose to do. The highest rating you'll find for HDMI cables are 1.4 compliant, supports 1080 p, and can be found almost anywhere online at a suitable selling price.

Finally, any new TV you'll purchase will have a one year factory warranty, which include parts and labor. If you're going to purchase an extended for back-up, keep in mind the factory warranty will overlap with the first year of the extended warranty. Because both of the warranties start the date you buy the TV. So don't forget to take away a 1 yr when you buy an extended warranty for any length of time.

Understanding the difference between plasma and lcd Tvs makes the decision making process go a lot smoother. I Hope this article was helpful enough in explaining the difference. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them and I will respond. Thank You

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