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What Is The Best Ebook Reader?
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What is the best ebook reader?

Well depending on what you want from an ebook reader will answer that question for you. Are you looking for a device which you can read books on, or are you looking for a device which can do more than just read books. For example, the Kindle is the one of the best reading devices out on the market which can some great features if you are wanting to make the jump from the traditional to the more technologically advanced devices.

However, if you look at the IPad for example, it does much more than just allowing you to read. It allows you to play games, browse the internet, and read emails. It is more of a computer, or a laptop than it is a reading device, which can be good if you are looking at multitasking. But if you find technology difficult to master then you may not like the IPad due to it being too "different".


The Kindle is offered by amazon as a reading only device which is geard towards people who love to read all of the time and who like to read the newspaper or magazines often. This is what is especially good about the Kindle, because on other ebook readers, they confuse their buyers by offering them "too much". For example, if you buy a reading device to read and only read, why are you going to need the ability to play games on it, or listen to music, it isn't a needed add-on and something that you could do without.

Some of the features of the kindle are:

  • A battery which will last you a month, so you don't have to bother having to charge it every 5 minutes, like a phone
  • A glare free screen, perfect for when you are out and about, sitting on a bench in the park
  • Plenty of storage, 3,500 books can be stored on the Kindle
  • It's a lightweight peice of kit and is no larger than a normal paperback book
  • Easy to use navigation system
  • Ability to connect via wi-fi to the internet so you can download the latest ebooks from the Kindle store
  • And an incredible feature, which will read your books to you, especially good for night time reading when you are feeling tired

Now if that doesn't convince you that the Kindle is a good piece of kit, then I don't know what will, you asked the question, what is the best ebook reader? I have given you the answer to that. However, I am going to tell you about the IPad now, so you can see the comparison between the two. They are both totally different devices and both have their good parts and bad parts just like any device.


The IPad wasn't built to be an ebook reader as a sole purpose, it was built as a gadget which would be able to rival that of a laptop or mobile device. The creators of the IPad wanted to give something to public which would be able to do just about anything, with minimal effort. It is a device for people who understand technology well and for people who are interested in doing more than just reading. It is an everything kind of device.

Some of the features of the IPad include:

  • A backlit screen, so it can be used at all times of the day
  • It includes a multitouch screen, so you can use your fingers to manipulate images, zoom, scroll etc..
  • It includes the imfamous app store, which has apps for just about anything you can think of
  • Support for watching movies on the device
  • Keep your photo albums on your IPad
  • You can read ebooks and newspapers on the device
  • Access the internet via wi-fi technology or via 3G when you are out and about
  • You can play video games on it even
  • Has the ability to run similar to a computer, allowing you to do light wordprocessing and reading emails etc..

So, what is the best ebook reader? Well it depends entirely on what you want to do on the device. I have explained the features of both devices and you can clearly see there is a massive difference between the devices which puts them on completely different levels. If you are not brilliant with technology, or are just looking purely for a device which is good for reading on and that's it, then I recommend the Kindle, as this is the best device for that.

If you are looking for a device with the ability to do nearly everything and do it well, then I would recommend the IPad, because the IPad is one of the best devices out there, due to it including the app store which will allow you to turn the IPad into all sorts of different things, which can help in many different ways.

Well I hope I have answered your question to, what is the best ebook reader? As this review points out the differences between the devices and what they are capable of, always remember though, choose something that you actually want, and not purely because of features that the device offers. You may buy an IPad and only really use it for reading, which is a waste on the other features, on the other hand, you may buy a Kindle and find that you want to do more on it than just read, so think carefully before making a decision.

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