What Is The Best Television To Buy In 2015?
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Buying the best TV in 2015 is an investment, and like all investments, you need the best value for your money. You would also want to invest in a new TV for the best viewing experience for your circumstance and not necessarily the top best which could be an incongruity.

But how do you decide the best TV to buy in 2015 when there are so many types out there, not to mention the different screen sizes, the various brands, and the numerous panel technologies, tuners and features? You may even be hesitating between an Ultra HD 4K screen, high dynamic range support, or 3D.

Well, this article is going to help you choose the best TV in 2015, among the many categories, from huge Ultra HD behemoth to super-sized screen and even to 1080p 32-inchers extra for the bedroom.

Let me stress that the best TV to buy in 2015 should be the one which injects life into your home entertainment vision. In this sense, finding it should be fun and not headache with trying to understand a myriad of technical details. So let the fun begin with this overview of the main TV features to consider:

Should you Choose LED, LCD, Plasma or OLED?


LED (light-emitting diode) TVs are the most popular ones, bringing you excellent overall picture quality. Boasting very thin profiles, they can easily be placed in any viewing space. LED TVs also fit all lighting conditions, but especially well-lit rooms. Actually a part of the LCD TV family, the LEDs offer advanced edge-lighting or backlighting.


LCD (liquid-crystal display) TVs come with quality HD performance, often at very affordable prices. LCD TVs have bright colors and function best in well-lit rooms. Although not as thin as most LED TV models, LCD TVs possess very slim profiles. Practically all of them are backlit by CCFLs (cold cathode fluorescent lamps).

• Plasma TVs

Plasma display panels (PDPs) offer superb picture quality with rich, vibrant colors and deep blacks. They are great at producing fast-moving action without much blurring. Plasma TVs work best in dark or low-lit rooms and allow wider viewing angles than most LED or LCD TVs.


OLED (organic light-emitting diode) TVs give you an extremely high degree of color accuracy, great contrast, wide viewing angles and a virtually blur-free picture. They produce true blacks and a brilliant range of colors since each of the millions of pixels is individually illuminated. OLED technology also produces extraordinarily thin screens.

Which TV size is suitable for you?

The answer to this question depends on three factors:

- The size of your room,

- How far away you’ll be sitting from the TV, and

- The type of experience you wish for yourself.

Your room size

• 65"–90" class

Are indicated for media rooms or for a viewer seeking true immersive experience with movies and sports.

• 50"–64" class

Are right for people who need great visual impact within any room, including big living rooms.

• 33"–49" class

Are versatile TVs that fit snugly into average-sized living rooms and many bedrooms.

• 32" class and smaller

Are designated for bedrooms, dorms, kitchens and casual viewing areas.

N.B.: If you have been using an old TV and shopping for a new one, note that the sleek design of modern TVs allows even larger screens to fit into much less space. The bezel (the outside edge that wraps around the TV screen) have shrunk in size and become much thinner, so the dimensions of a new 60” class TV are roughly equivalent to those of an older 55” class TV.

The sitting distance from the TV

My general recommendation is:

Minimum viewing distance

Multiply the size of your screen by 1.5. For a 60” class TV, the ideal viewing distance would then be 60” x 1.5 or 90” (7.5’). But for a 4K Ultra HD TV, you can sit much closer than that and still have a clear picture.

Maximum viewing distance

Simply double the minimum viewing distance. So for a 60" class TV with a 90” minimum viewing distance, the maximum would be 90” x 2 or 180” (15').

4K Ultra HD or HD?

• 2160p (4K Ultra HD)

4K, UHD, Ultra HD, or 4K Ultra HD TVs are the latest and best resolution on the market today. Multiplying up to four times the resolution of 1080p TVs, these TVs not surprisingly deliver exceptionally clear, detailed images, enabling you to sit very close to the screen for a fully immersive experience.

Such TVs also can upscale current high-definition content to produce even sharper images.

• 1080p (Full HD)

1080p is the most common HDTV resolution out there nowadays. With it, you can watch Blu-ray movies, Full HD content and all TV programming at their highest level of detail.

• 720p (HD)

Generally available on smaller TVs, this offers a quality HD picture for TV shows and DVD movies, and often at very affordable prices.

TV Refresh Rate

What do 240Hz, 120Hz or 60Hz mean for picture quality and performance in LED and LCD TVs?

A TV Hz (hertz) refresh rate is the number of times a TV totally rebuilds its picture in a second. The higher the hertz, the smoother the picture. In other words, the more frequently the screen is refreshed, the smoother the images will appear to you.

A TV with a 240Hz (hertz) refresh rate will totally rebuild its picture 240 times in a second; that with 120Hz (hertz) refresh rate will do so 120 times in a second and the 60Hz (hertz) 60 times in a second.

That is why 240Hz TV pictures look crisp and smooth, 120Hz TVs have very minimal blur, and with some 60Hz TVs, viewers may observe a slight motion blur during fast-action scenes.

However many TVs come with their own technology to take care of fast motion action, leading to a smooth picture. That is why plasma TVs have a 600Hz refresh rate and minimal issues with motion blur. However this doesn’t mean that the 600Hz can be directly compared to LED and LCD TV refresh rates, because plasma TVs create their picture in a very different way.

The Smart TV

The smart TV brings you a whole new world of connectivity and streaming entertainment.

A world of connectivity

Smart TV technology enables you to connect your products and have control over your TV as never before. The numerous exciting new possibilities this is opening up include the ability to:

o Share content with your tablet or smartphone so that you can watch what you want and where you want it

o Use voice, hand motion, a mobile device or keyboard to control your TV

o Get content recommendations depending on the movies and TV shows you watch

A world of streaming entertainment

When you connect your smart TV to your home network, you can stream a large variety of movies, videos and music from popular services like Netflix,* Hulu Plus,* Pandora and YouTube. Many smart TVs are also furnished with a full Web browser, enabling you to surf the Web right on your TV screen. (See these product detail pages for the “smart” features included with each smart TV.)

However if your HDTV isn’t made “smart,” you can use smart Blu-ray players, streaming players, specialized USB devices and many other smart products to stream content to your screen. Each of them has a unique selection of apps and content.

*Subscription required.

Your Internet speed counts

The speed of your Internet network is important for smooth streaming of your HD movies and videos on a smart TV or smart device. Without the right speed, your HD content will not play smoothly but instead stop and start continuously because of buffering. This can also happen if you have multiple devices (TVs, computers, tablets, mobile phones, etc.) using the Internet at the same time. To manage these, your speed requirement for streaming HD content can go as high as 10Mbps or more.

For best performance therefore, the recommendation is:

o A wireless-N router or wireless-N plus router

o A download speed of at least 5Mbps when using a single device

3D TVs

These are high-quality HDTVs which allow you to follow special 3D content, such as select 3D Blu-ray movies, 3D TV programming and 3D video games in addition to your usual content.

You are sold many TVs with 3D glasses, but don’t fail to check the product details, just in case. To build a complete 3D home theater system, a 3D Blu-ray player, high-speed HDMI cable and an A/V receiver that is compatible with 3D products are also recommended.

Connecting with HDMI

HDMI is an all-digital cable and the finest connection available for HDMI-ready TVs, Blu-ray players, A/V receivers, gaming consoles and more. Carrying both the picture and sound over one convenient cable, it makes your home theater setup much simpler and cleaner.

Purchase a high-speed HDMI cable for the best possible performance. Cables made of higher-quality materials are more expensive but ensures you a higher data transfer speed rating measured in Gigabits Per Second (Gbps). This allows more bandwidth for streaming 4K Ultra HD content and helps ensure signal purity, which can suffer when running cables over longer distances.

To find the proper length cable for your needs, measure the distance between your HD components and the TV. If your connection is to be embedded in the wall (as when the TV is mounted and you want a clean look), then choose an in-wall rated cable. Buy the one that comes with extra-tight connectors; they keep things secure when using products like a full-motion TV mount.

Shop Online Conveniently

Search this site for Amazon offers of a huge selection of TVs, with countless models to choose from. But first, here’s our pick of the best TVs of 2015 - there are some absolute stunners.

Happy viewing!

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Street Talk

Lots of different televisions available! I didn't realize you could buy televisions from Amazon. Thanks for sharing all this up to date information. Interesting that you can get a bigger screen now in the same space - that bezel! - guess the manufacturers realized a new way to design televisions. Thanks for sharing. Good job!

  about 4 years ago

Yes, there are as many televisions available as the different viewing experiences. Of course, you could buy televisions from amazon. Information is available on my website secureyourfuturewithus. Technology is reducing the size of the TV, allowing you to get bigger ones into smaller spaces. Thanks for visiting, Cynthia.

  about 4 years ago

Thanks! Technology is giving so many changes.

  about 4 years ago
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