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What Samsung Smart TV Apps Are Available ?
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What Samsung Smart TV Apps Are Available ?

Everyone is talking about the new Samsung ES8000 and the Samsung Smart TV Apps that are available. But what is this new Smart TV and what apps can you get for it?

The new ES 8000 Smart TV is the latest in a range of Smart TVs from Samsung. It features a dual core processor, which allows users to connect to the Internet and multi task whilst doing other things (for example watching a movie)

The LED (light emitting diode) screen is the latest in technology at the moment and is said to be brighter and also cost less than a conventional LCD screen. It is also thinner - much thinner. The LED screen on the Samsung ES8000 is only about 1.25 inches thick - that is less than 3cm.

The dual core processor means that you can run apps on this thing as well. Lots and lots of Apps. There are a significant amount of apps for this smart TV and most of them are country specific. At last count there were 1500 or so and the number increases all the time. Each app is usually free but there are some that cost money - very similar to downloading apps for your iphone (except this is a massive iphone.)

The current maximum screen size for the Samsung ES8000 is 75 inches but expect that to get bigger as time goes on. The company have also been relatively Smart with their new Smart TVs and are releasing an upgrade chip every year from 2013. This upgrade chip allows users to upgrade their platform and software to keep up with the latest developments. Some of the Apps that are available in the US at the moment are, Hulu, YouTube, Netflix, Facbook, Twitter and many many more.

The ES8000 series also comes with a built in HD video camera which allows you to use skype on a truly amazing wide screen. The connectivity is available through a wireless LAN WIFI installed in the unit. Also don't forget that the Samsung Smart TV Apps are country specific, which means if you live in a certain country you will be able to get that country's versions of all the apps.

The TV also comes with voice and gesture recognition, which allows you to wave and scream at your TV if you don't like something. You should not have to do this more than once or twice however as the ES8000 also has profile recognition and will know who you are when you sit in front of it. There are many review sites available if you need to do more research on Samsung Smart TV Apps.

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