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Which E-book Reader?
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Now that you've found this article, you are much closer to answering the question, which ebook reader? You have come to the right place since that's just what I am here for, to help you to decide on the right e-book reader for you. One of the first things to do is ask yourself what you will want it for. Is it going to be mainly for reading books on or do you want music or web browsing as well for instance. To make a decision on this, it will be helpful to find out what the different features are that make up the typical e-book reader. Here I have put together a small review for you so you can begin to understand what two types featured here can offer.

The Kindle 3

  • This is one of the smallest and lightest devices available
  • It has a six inch screen which is about on a par with a paper- back book
  • In extremely bright sunlight you can read it without any glare
  • The font is very clear and precise and much improved using E Ink technology
  • The battery can last 30 days on just one charge
  • Its book storing capacity is amazing at 3500
  • This device can read a book to you, out loud
  • It is good for pdf files which is handy
  • New to this system is "lend a book" facility so you can lend books you have to friends and family
  • The Kindle has Wi-Fi built in so you can download books in 60 seconds
  • Browse the web on this one if you like
  • You won't lose any of your content since it can be backed up to the Kindle store
  • This device is quite simple to use and you won't need a computer to operate it with
  • The Kindle can't play games or load Apps, but hey it's for reading books, newspapers, magazines and storing a whole pile of files

Apple I-Pad

Which ebook reader? Here's another one to make a comparison with:

  • This one has a larger display screen at 9.7 inches but less portable
  • It comes with Multi-Touch technology, backlit glossy widescreen
  • Bluetooth and Wi Fi built in
  • You will be able to play games on it using tilt and touch screen
  • Watch a movie
  • Read books, magazines and newspapers, pdf files
  • The battery life is going to be a bit shorter than the Kindle with all this going on and it is about 10 hours but still very respectable
  • Access the iBooks store with thousands of titles to choose from and 1.8 m free titles out of copyright
  • Choice of 16GB, 32GB or 64GB memory versions
  • You can have apps on this one, of which there are millions
  • This is good for a lot of goodies if this is what you want but is less portable and not quite as good for reading as is the Kindle 3

Which ebook reader? Now you have had a brief comparison you can see a little more clearly as to which will suit you better. Some of the key points are: The Kindle is so small, light and compact that it lends itself to convenience during travel abroad or even just carrying it around with you. It's more pocket size. The Apple I-Pad on the other hand is more like a laptop in the functions that it will provide but is less portable though not by much.

Pro and Cons


  • You don't get a colour screen, only black and white
  • Can't watch video's
  • Surfing net is not as good as on a computer and can be intermittent
  • Like a real book, you will need artificial lighting at night but this can have advantages in bright sunlight (See accessories)
  • Supremely pocket-able, thin as a pencil

Apple I-Pad

  • Quality as you would expect from Apple
  • Battery life may pose problems
  • Superb glossy screen but reflects in bright sun such as on the beach
  • No flash viewer
  • Limited multi tasking facilities unlike on the computer
  • You will not be able to print from an I-Pad
  • Not really pocket-able and a little heavier to carry


Hopefully, I have been able to assist you in answering the question, Which ebook reader? In reality we have chosen the two devices that are about the farthest apart so that I could convey a little insight into which is most appealing to you. Really, one of the biggest questions you need to ask is if you want to do a lot of cool things on one gadget and this fits your lifestyle or you are more inclined to have a more dedicated ebook reader device that will excel at conveying the printed word.

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