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11 Points On How The Results Of Writing Effective Email Determine Your Life - Discovering Email Marketing Tips That Help You
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11 Points On How The Results Of Writing Effective Email Determine Your Life  -  Discovering Email Marketing Tips That Help You

Results of effective email matter! I'm writing to give you your own personalized toolkit of 11 points.

How you use your toolkit is how the results of writing effective email determine your life. I'm here to help you in discovering email marketing tips that help you get the results you've dreamed of.

1. Attention.

The results of writing effective email? Attention.

First impressions statistics:

a. In person, you judge people within 7 seconds.

b. Online, you judge within 3 seconds.

2. Success.

Writing effective email is your key to success.

Write something! See what happens.

Adapt, change, test and measure.

3. Change.

Social media change includes pace of life. Faster!

The Internet is full of studies that show that -- for business! -- email continues to be an expected way to get information.

Even the most social media tuned in of folks want business information to arrive by email.

4. Investment.

You've only got a few seconds. Effective email is worth investing your time for so you can get results.

How many times do you meet yet another person, in person? Probably a lot!

In fact, the bigger that number, the more you’ve probably invested in getting better at first impressions.

You know: how you groom yourself and the clothes you wear. Remembering to look people in the eyes. Using care in how you shake hands. Even learning to smile rather than make other faces!

5. Ageless.

If you have kids, or ever spend time with family or friends and their young children, you know there’s a lot of time and effort invested in behavior when meeting someone for the first time. Even at the littlest ages.

As you got older, you took on responsibility for this yourself. The more successful you are, the more likely you have invested a great deal of time, effort and money in this tiny detail.

Your behavior matters.

6. Practice.

If you’re a successful, confident person, you’ve probably practiced writing. No doubt speaking, too.

If and when you do practice, you’ve no doubt seen improvement. For me, being a Lector speaking at church is what began to change my life.

I went from fear of saying so much as, "Boo!" to one person to enjoying being Lector for 1,000+ people at a time. I grew as a person and became more effective because I practiced and got feedback.

Years ago, as a beginner, I was terrified. Now, I not only enjoy being a Lector, I miss it deeply when it’s not my turn. And yes I still practice!


7. Evidence.

Success requires investment. Investment creates success! There's enough evidence to label these as facts.

Collect evidence from testing and measuring to find out what helps you!

Apply your evidence as tips, techniques, strategies, and more.

8. Surprise.

You may be surprised at discovering email marketing to be your path to writing more effective email.

You may not feel any connection with the term marketing in your life and your behavior. But whatever you do, you are marketing anytime you interact with another human being!

You’re marketing yourself and what you want to communicate.

Horse races are determined by fractions of a second.

9. Imagine.

Imagine the number of emails you’ll write in the whole rest of your life.

Now imagine how many times you won’t get a reply from an email you send.

How does that feel? Do you wonder if your email arrived?

Or got opened? Or?

There’s a lot of other possibilities but I'm referring to the first 3 seconds here.

10. Focus.

Now imagine you make a tiny change in your life. You focus on catching attention in 3 seconds.

You open yourself to getting little tips about discovering email marketing. Who knows, maybe you read a few words a day, buy a magazine one week, go to a seminar one month.

How would that change your life? How about the people you help because you can catch attention in your first 3 seconds?

You’re worth it. They’re worth it.


11. Door.

3 seconds gets you in the door.

There’s more than getting in the door. A lot more!

Because life’s a bit more complicated than that. But I wanted to make the point.

You’ve got to open the door to before you can visitors to your website so you can build your list.

Get in the door!

These 11 points for your personal email marketing toolkit get results! Your results of writing effective email determine your life in a positive way. Starting with catching attention and getting your email opened. Discovering email marketing starts with how you prepare and execute.

Street Talk

keep them coming, Cynthia.

  about 1 decade ago

Thank you, Shawn!

  about 1 decade ago

Cynthia another "goodie", The very thing you talk of is something that has always worried me. In the old days you posted a letter and wondered if it got to the address, today you email and you know it got there or it is immediately returned, now you know it is there yet you receive no feed back or answer, I sometimes go ballistic when this happens.

  about 1 decade ago

Rob, Whoops! Don't go ballistic, that's not good for your blood pressure. It can be frustrating, you're right. The solution is building a responsive list one qualified visitor at a time. Thank you so much for your answer and feedback and compliment! blessings, Cynthia

  about 1 decade ago

Another great article with very valid points i wish more people gave their emails some thought before blasting them out.

  about 1 decade ago

John, Thank you! Many people don't realize that thought is required. That sounds funny, doesn't it? Yet I've found it to be true. blessings, Cynthia

  about 1 decade ago
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