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Automated Email Marketing And List Builder Techniques
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Automated Email Marketing And List Builder Techniques

As any seasoned internet marketer knows, email marketing and list building from the start is absolutely essential to increase the chances of long-term profitability. Most newbies in internet marketing completely neglect building a mailing list right from the start. They simply feel they have nothing free to offer on their squeeze pages, or they put it off because they deem it a low priority in the beginning stretches of making money online.

Email marketing is essential, but it is not always easy. The first thing that must be done to run a successful email marketing campaign is building a list of subscribers. In order to build a mailing list, you have to either create a squeeze page or host web forms in highly visible areas on your blogs or websites. Squeeze pages are most effective in building an email list for the simple fact that they provide only one call to action - entering a name and email address.

An effective squeeze page that converts well (turning visitors into subscribers) does not require some insanely great free offer like most people think. The visitors only need to perceive this to be true. It doesn't mean that you want to dupe or deceive your visitors into signing up for your mailing list either because that will render you mailing list cold or dead right from the start, and that would make the whole process completely useless and counter-intuitive.

It's not a necessity to write your own e-book to start building an engaged list of email subscribers, however it is recommended. Providing visitors who opt in to download your e-book can be exposed to your affiliate offers or even your own products. Either way, if you don't have your own e-book or free offers, there are plenty of public domain documents and free information products available that you can use to start building your list.

The key to having not just a highly converting squeeze page, but also a highly responsive mailing list, is all in the marketing. You want to convince your visitors to subscribe by making them feel like they will be getting a lifetime of great value. Sure, it is the initial free offer that will push them over the edge to subscribe, but you do not want them to unsubscribe immediately after they've received your free gift.

The easiest way to drive traffic to your squeeze pages is with social media. YouTube and Facebook may be some of the most prominent forces for driving traffic to your opt-in offers (apart from SEO). You will want to try and optimize your squeeze/landing pages for search engine traffic, but you do not want to sacrifice conversions. It is much more effective to have an irresistible squeeze page that is nowhere to be found in the search engines than to have volumes of traffic to a superficial squeeze page.

Do no neglect the importance of warming up your list! You will always want to start off your follow-up autoresponder emails with genuine, helpful, free information regarding your niche for the first few weeks. You also do not want to spam your list from the start by sending them one email every day! Try to spread out your initial welcome/warm-up emails to arrive in your subscribers' inbox about twice or three times per week. Nurture and cultivate your list for a few weeks, and give them some time to digest the free tips you have sent them. It's always a tough call to tell when you're ready to sell to your list, but give them enough time to begin to trust you and look at you as an authority in your niche. However, you will want your list to recognize you as someone that will sell to them. You can't continue sending free offers week after week for an extended period of time, and then all of a sudden sell to them out of the blue. This will result in many unsubscribes as well.

Another great way to optimize your squeeze pages for conversions and traffic is to embed a YouTube video that demonstrates to your visitors exactly the value that you will be providing them. You can do a screen capture video of where you go through your e-book and show them exactly what is in it, or you can do a "talking head" video where you tell your potential subscribers what they can expect. People are visual creatures and want speed and efficiency. Videos are extremely effective for marketing, and many people are more likely to watch a 30 second video than read a 300 word article. Sure, you could certainly have both, but make the call to action clear, visible, and organized right at the top of your squeeze page. Don't forget that you can use this same YouTube video that's embedded on your squeeze page for driving traffic to that opt-in page from YouTube!

Email marketing is just another online process that gets refined with experience, but it is critical to take action right from the start!

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