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Email Marketing Explodes Your Cash Flow
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You read it here.... there's always someone hyping the death of email marketing. However, I'm guessing you'd find that same person using email marketing full-time. What do you think? What are the statistics? As long as you can build a list of prospects and turn them into faithful customers, who cares about the negatives.

Sure, everyday, I get hundreds of email messages and tomorrow another batch will show up on my computer. How about you? All of us who spend any time on the Internet will get email messages, sometimes 2 or 3 of the same message just trying to get our attention by an Internet Marketer.

Don't let it frustrate you or you'll never learn how to turn an email marketing program into your own cash cow. If you don't like the idea of making money on the net then it's time to hit your delete key and get off the computer except when you need to research your health problems or find your retirement center.

My guess is you're reading articles about a home based business for only one reason. Just maybe you agree with us that a Plan B is simply a great idea to avoid all the negatives or concerns we have about money. Having your own financial security with an added stream of income makes sense. It takes away the worry or fear about losing your weekly paycheck, health insurance and maybe a 401K for retirement in 40 more years.

None of us can foresee the future decisions of our employer or the safety of our own career path. Sometimes people love their job but their employer sees an opportunity to outsource an entire department or division at less cost. Suddenly your career has been wiped out by the boss without even considering your input.

Nobody bothered to ask if you agreed with the decision of management or the business owners. Maybe they had done a new valuation of sales, expenses and net income before making a move. Often, outside legal counsel and the firms accounting advisers quietly research the numbers and confirm that outsourcing was a viable choice before saying anything to the divisions employees.

What's the picture look like from your perspective and experiences? You may be aware of troubled accounts receivable within the ranks. Too few clients are paying their monthly bills when due and seem to care less. 30 day terms have moved to 60 day terms, even 90 days for some and you have not offered any changes at all to your terms for credit sales.

One thing for sure, a "smart" boss/executive recognizes that his/her terms of service have to be flexible. Just as your cash flow has changed as a result of slower receipts, it may be the same for your clients. However, you must always remember that the "squeaky" wheel gets the attention.

Sending reminders, notices, phone calls to your customers is a good business practice whenever customers begin to change their payments schedule. Show concern and compassion but stay in regular contact with your customers. Compliment their usual way of prompt payments, ask if an invoice is missing or if you can help in anyway. Give your customer an opportunity to explain any delays in payments so you stay in the loop.

Even with your best effort, day in and day out, it does not preclude or change the boss' decision. You've given your best effort, done everything according to good business practices and still your job/career is gone. Every day it happens with sad consequences unless you have a Plan B for personal financial security. Nothing can give you greater peace and a smile on your face.

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