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Home Based Business Marketer Explores Email Benefits
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One of the huge benefits of email marketing is NO postage expense, no cost for paper or ink either. Add an autoresponder service to automate your mailing list, set up a series of letters and you're ready to communicate with your customers, prospects too. How many letters? It's unlimited, send out as many emails as you wish.

However, there are a few considerations you need to think about. Before sending out an avalanche of email letters, ask yourself and your leadership team about your frequency of contact by email. How many email messages can you send to your subscribers list before someone starts to complain, maybe some have lost interest in your club, gets fed up and unsubscribes from your list.

Let's assume that you and your love [spouse] have recently joined a local garden club, you've started planting flowers, rose bushes, dwarf trees and learning all about how to aerate, cut and fertilize your lawn. Suddenly, you are spending your flexible hours with a different group with different interests.

Now, you have two real interests [hobbies] Harley Davidson [motorcycles] and Flowers [Garden Club] which are at opposite ends of the favorites list. Our point about your email marketing system is the necessity of writing to each group according to their interests. I'm guessing that about 75% of your Harley Riders have no interests in hearing about your Garden Club.

You can add your jogging dancers, race cars, playing the piano, guitar, banjo and hundreds more. It's not necessary for everyone you know or spend time with to have the same interests, jobs, careers or focus. Usually, we like to spend time with family and friends who like the same things and experiences we do.

As a home based business owner, you can build lists of people who show interests in a variety of categories, even sub-categories so you can write specifically focused on their choices. Mail-order has the same member characteristics of like-minded interests and focus.

or you/re in love with your square dancing group. One night you were searching for Harley Davidson and a beautiful website shows up. Next, you notice a free booklet is offered to anyone who signs up for their newsletter.

It's probably two different email lists because you came across a website

Nothing seems to be slowing down the flow of email messages to hundreds of thousands of clients and prospects on huge systems of automation every day. Sign up on a mailing list one time and you can be overwhelmed with the messages that keep coming without slowing down.

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