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How To Email Market
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How to Email Market

Email marketing is the keystone of Internet marketing. The reason is that it is one of the few economical ways to stay in contact with customers and potential customers. An operator that knows how to email market has a tremendous advantage over the competition and the opportunity to make large amounts of money.

You may have seen a blurb from an Internet marketing guru who claimed that he earned $36,898.55 in only 37 hours. He uses this information to get you to buy his program or to at least agree to be on his email list. He will give you a "valuable gift" if you will join his list. He knows how to email market and he can't contact you unless he gets you on his list.

Most people don't believe these blurbs of short-term high profits. If the guru made the money by selling a digital publication that was automatically delivered to the buyer, he has little ongoing cost. He owns the product and he can sell it as many times as he wants. He could be telling a big fib about how much he earned. It is what he is not telling you that is important.

Gurus do make almost instant profits. They are simply selling to their mailing list. They have worked hard to build the list, develop a reputation as an expert, and to create or find products that he can sell to his list. He knows how to email market.

I have a friend who earned a great deal of money in college through Internet marketing. He is an excellent email marketer. Yesterday I got a very long email from him saying that he would soon be telling me something very important tomorrow (today). I got a shorter email today with a link to the product he is promoting. He uses every trick to get your attention, to retain you as his personal friend, to point out the benefits of a new product, to get you to click on his link. (Sometimes I click on the link but do not use the product. I often get good information just learning what the product offers and how it works.)

One way that email marketers work is to find a product launch, contact the owner of the product for specific launch information, buy a domain with the product keywords before someone else does and before the launch is made, putting the product benefits on his page and adding the link to the product or more launch information. He then writes article about the product and the launch. In other words he gets ahead of the search engines and when interest is generated, he is all set to capture an audience using a lot of free publicity. He knows how to email market.

Internet marketers put scripts on their websites provided by AWeber or GetResponse, etc., to collect email addresses, send messages to list members using auto-responders, to monitor the list. Instant messages can be sent to the list. The messages may include a free marketing course or such which is delivered lesson by lesson every few days. This course may be the free come-on for the site visitor to allow his name to be added to the list.

I find it interesting to read emails from such sources. They are often exciting, revealing (business-wise), and interesting. The better I know the writer, the more interesting I find the emails. If you want to know how to email market, read your emails.

The power of email marketing is how targeted it is to a special group of people. Messages can be long or short but I see so many long ones that I am sure that they are often more effective than short emails. Emails should not always try to sell a product. The focus should be on information relevant to those on the list.

There are things to learn about email marketing that can not be covered in detail here. But you should be in contact with email marketers, That will give you opportunities too. You can promote products of these marketers and they can promote your products.

The main thing for new marketers is to set up a keyword-based webpage with relevant information, have scripts to collect names, and to stay in contact with your list. There are cost for the listing services but that is how to email market.

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Dr. John T. Jones, Good information! Thanks for sharing. Getting prepared for someone else's launch? Brilliant. blessings, Cynthia

  about 1 decade ago
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