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How To Write The Best Adverstising Ads
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Successful email ads can literally earn thousands of dollars within 24 hours.  I'm sure we would all like a few of those campaigns under our belts! 

How do I write the best advertising ads?

This is a question any internet marketer wants to figure out - fast!  Considering that an email ad - sent out as a solo ad - will cost $$ , we want to be sure that any advertising will convert to sales.

The second big question is:  Once I have written my ad, where should I place it to get the most sales?

OK, so for the first question:  ALL ads have three basic components:

1.  The Headline.  This will be the thing that grabs the readers attention and makes them want to read more.

2.  The Body.  Essentially, you need to convince the reader why they might need your product or service.

3.  Call to Action.  Hopefully, this is where you convert your reader to a customer - you tell them what they have to do next.

So lets do this in order:

Firstly, writing a killer heading!

Your header has to:

  • spike curiosity and/or
  • emotionally connect and/or
  • infer that you have a solution/secret which will make people's lives better/easier

We have all seen the headings like "stop signs of premature ageing" - this type of header hits all three marks - it makes people wonder HOW can stop this?  It is emotive - a person's looks are usually very important to them and even the most hardened person often wants to look better.  By using the word 'stop' it also suggests that there is a solution in store.

Headings which only tick one of the boxes - for example "What is your greatest asset?" may spike curiosity, but as the subject line of an email ad, they are a little dangerous.  People weed out their emails based on the subject line - so this type of email ad heading may not emotionally connect with many people straight off the bat and such a heading doesnt really infer a solution or secret.  These headings can still work well in the right placement  (say as part of a banner ad) and with the right Body and Call to Action, but I would tend to steer clear of them if you are relying on the heading to get your email ad opened!

Second, writing the body of your ad

The body of your ad should not be too long.  It should clearly demonstrate to the reader how your product or service will help them.  Make sure you dont use any phases that get caught up in spam filters (check your email ad yourself before you submit it as a paid solo ad).  You should tone the email as if you are talking to a friend, and dont be afraid to get a bit excited about this great product or service.  After all, you really should be selling something you believe in, stand behind, and get excited about, so share those feelings in your ad body.  I believe it is vital to always be honest and credible in your advertising.

Third, your call to action

Surprisingly, this is an area that is often not done all that well.  Many people end their ad with a simple "For more information, Click Here".  I think that you should be more specific about what you will be providing.  Devote a paragraph to it.  At a minimum, perhaps something like "to learn more how you can save on your mechanics bills and to receive your free subscription to our monthly ezine, Auto Tech World, go to our website". It is always good to give some kind of free bonus if you can.

Now onto the second question:

Where should I place my ad to get the most sales?

Where you place your ad for maximum effectiveness will depend on your budget, your product, your market, and the type of campaign you are running.

You can place your ad on your own landing page, and then direct traffic to that page.  This wont cost you anything, but the number of people who see that ad will be limited to the number of people who land on your website. 

You can go to one of the ezine directory sites if you are interested in ezine advertising or email list advertising.  Often these sites will provide you with discount advertising rates with hundreds of ezines if you become a member.  In addiiton they are a one-stop-shop for you to compare the subscription numbers, topics, and types of eziznes and email lists available.  This can save you quite a bit of time and it means that your ad can get out to a targetted audience of 50,000 - 300,000 odd subscribers.

You can also 'joint venture' with some people who have large lists.  You provide the ad and product and they provide the list and you share profits.




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