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The Importance Of Replying To E - Mails
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The Importance Of Replying to E  -  Mails

Our behaviour towards others acts as a bonding material to build and keep relationships. It is a lovely quality that defines us from other species. Humans were given these characteristics by nature and are able to explore them and develop them with the help of teachers and family. It is no surprise the influence others have towards a person's behavioral pattern.

How this all applies to a new web-site is directly dictated by our application of human resources and Industrial Psychology. A new website owner who is trying to build its credibility, needs to develop good communication with others.

Why does a New Web-page need to Communicate with others?

Simple; the web-site needs to share its products and ideas with their possible customers. One way of sharing is to answer questions in a written or spoken form, this task is one very important PR and Sales Marketing strategy.

The reason is that no body wants to buy something they do not understand or know about, a simple and common example of this is the TV ads and their informative visual, written and spoken form or communication. Many of us have gone to the store to buy an item after seeing a TV ad. The friendlier the ad is, the more positive results the product being promoted in that ad will get. For a new web-site positive results will result from simple but important acts like answering e-mail or written letters of any kind.

In fact, now a days there are many unique and personable ways to make a connection with possible customers, e-mail, Video e-mail, tablet applications and so much more. A polite approach when answering to customers is also important. Respond to every e-mail in a formal yet simple to understand way, using proper language and giving a full answer to any questions.

The Following List are just some Ideas to Achieve a good Level of Communication.

1 - Follow up after every sale. To know how the customer feels about the business experience will teach us how to promote the business and how to better serve those customers. Do not forget to answer questions from those who are trying to find out information about a product, the answer to this e-mails may lead to a sale.

2 - Answer every e-mail, for insignificant it may seem. Humans function upon feelings and emotional needs 40% times a day. This notion implies that at times not receiving a reply to a message may affect negatively future business deals.

3 - By following up on sales and answering customers e-mails a web-site owner is creating awareness, trust and branding themselves while promoting good word of mouth promotion.

How will Replying to an e-mail help my Business Image?

a- Two words; Commitment, Professionalism. A word on Commitment, it means the level of legally binding exchange of promises, which means we know that there will be inquiries about the product sold or the idea sold, therefore we need to prepare to produce satisfactory answers to those questions.

b. Professionalism. The use of proper language, while answering customer questions is the way to increase credibility and branding, but most of all protect you and your Company from a law suit. By following up on your business e-mails with proper language, proper solution to questionable problems, and commitment to produce convenient answers you are on your way of establishing Professionalism.

My personal Advice to those new Web-Page Owners.

First of all never underestimate the value of every e-mail you receive. Even if it is just meant to thank you for a service, product or idea, always answer back. Fulfill the lack of knowledge about you, your company and product with a conscientious answer to questions, and add visual examples if you can. Use the new technology to produce a direct and personal feedback to reinforce your Internet trust status, while producing a reliable source of information exchange.


Communicating with others is essential to achieve success. It applies to every effort and is necessary to conquer a good trust base Internet Image. More important than linkage and click ratios, maintaining communication with others has far more priority and shoud be the main focus of every web-page.

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