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Top Five Holiday Email Marketing Ideas For Non Profits
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Thanksgiving Day is almost around the corner. There isn’t really much time left for the rest of the holiday season to begin either. If you are a part of a non-profit body, it is high time you start deciding on your holiday email marketing strategies. Very soon the New Year will commence, and before that your contributors will be required to make some really significant tax-deductible donations. So, why not approach your supporters in advance? The comprehensive online event management solution for non-profits boasts of a highly powerful, automated email messaging tool, which can help you in this regard.

Here are the top five ways how email marketing for non profits can be used to reach out to your subscribers this holiday season in the most effective way:

Thank your subscribers for their support

Send holiday e-cards along with suitable email messages to thank all your subscribers for their valuable support throughout your journey so far. List a few of your current year’s accomplishments that have been made possible because of their contributions. Make use of the advanced event mail and listing feature to segment your list according to the recipient types and send a unique and more personalized note to each of your target subscriber groups. This may include your donors, volunteers, board members, and so on. If you consider making a donation request, keep it subtle and secondary. Thanking them should be your primary motto.

Send email newsletters sharing your accomplishments

Make use of the bulk email messaging feature to share your accomplishments with your supporters through e-newsletters. This takes your email message to the next level and gives you the opportunity to showcase your organization’s success in terms of specific goals achieved over the year. Do not forget to include a “make a donation” note at the end of the e-newsletter. Embedding the link to your online donation collection web page at the end can also be a good idea.

Plan holiday events and invite members

Organize interesting holiday events such as a Thanksgiving charity balls and auctions preceding Halloween. Take the help of the online charity events registration application to create online registration forms and invite subscribers to attend the same. Make use of the effective social media tools to promote events across a wide platform.

Make an online donation appeal using fundraising tools

If your non-profit has a major capital campaign underway, this holiday season is the ideal time to request a donation that properly supports the specific cause or the program. Share all the details of your campaign with your donors, tell them why you need the funds, and let them know how their donation will help make the project possible. Do all these with the fundraising tools of an fundraiser management system.

Tell them what more is lined up for the future

Share your agenda for the New Year. Give a brief idea of the charity events and fundraisers that you are planning to organize under your nonprofit's banner in the coming months in your messages meant for email marketing. This will help your contributors to stay updated with your activities and plan their charity moves accordingly.

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Love this, I have always being passionate about charity work, and this ideas are worth having. Thanks

  about 9 years ago
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