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Why Is It Good If Polls Come As Part Of Your Email Marketing Software?
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Why is it Good If Polls Come As Part Of Your Email Marketing Software?

Today’s email marketing software solutions are loaded with more features than you may know what to do with. In these cases, some are essential, while others are obviously extras you may or may not find useful. One feature you can definitely put to good use is the ability to create polls. In this article, we will examine why having polls included in your email marketing software is a definite plus.

Valuable Insights From Your Audience

Similar to a conventional survey, a poll can be extremely effective for helping you gain valuable feedback from your audience. This is even the case despite the fact that they generally take a slightly different approach to collecting data. Just like with a survey, however, the key to using polls effectively is asking the right questions. Whether your poll takes on the form of a questionnaire or a single question, the feedback you obtain can be extremely helpful for creating better audience experiences and improving your overall marketing efforts.

Another Powerful Engagement Tool

More and more brands are turning to social media to engage their audiences in more innovative and exciting ways. While the power of the social channel can’t be denied, email marketing can be pretty darn engaging in its own right, especially when making efficient use of tools like polls. The email relationship tends to get stale over time, but an occasional poll or two can be just what you need to freshen things up and re-engage your audience. Chances are, your subscribers would love to be more involved in the decision making processes of your business, so clearly explain how a poll benefits them, and most will probably be more than happy to help by giving you their participation.

A Great Way to Build and Strengthen Relationships

Perhaps the biggest advantage of having polls as a part of your email marketing software rests in the ability such a feature provides to build and strengthen the existing relationships you have with your audience members. The true key to unlocking this advantage is taking a targeted approach to the polling process. What we mean by this is instead of creating polls that asks everyone they exact same questions, you tailor them to be more personal to individual subscribers. For example, you could pose questions that references comments the subscriber made on one of your social topics, past purchases, and other relevant interactions. Aside from being more personally appealing, this approach can go a long way in helping you get better know your audience.


Slowly but surely, polls are increasingly in popularity as highly viable marketing tools. They are showing up on more social networks, traditional web pages, and as you have probably guessed, in more email campaigns. If they are included in your email marketing software, then you have the key that unlocks their true power.

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