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Write Winning Follow Up Emails
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With most email marketing companies, you will be able to write follow up emails. Follow up emails are emails sent out at specific times after the person signed up; you can send an email immediately after they sign up, as well as creating emails that could be sent a day later, then four days after that email, then two days after that, and for as long as you want to continue. They can be written at the time you sign up with the marketing company. You should be able to see that they are very convenient because if you get a lot subscribers, you will able to "set and forget". Now, learn how to write winning follow up emails.

You have someone signed up to your newsletter - great! Now, you have to be able to win their hearts and minds. You have to be able to reach them on a familiar level so that it feels like you are talking to a friend. You need people to trust you, to be able to know that what you are marketing to them is legit and useful. If you are selling affiliate products, you need to reach out and let them know that they are dealing with the real deal. There is so much junk, that you need to make sure that you are conveying yourself in a trusting, winning fashion.

Email marketing is all about the relationship. You cannot start from the get go boasting about "the best thing since sliced bread." When you start your follow up emails, you have to give real, authentic, legitimate advice and input without, perhaps, even pitching any promotions. If you get someone on your list and start with the first email trying to sell them something, that relationship will not last long. You need to start out slowly, gain their trust, and then start to promote your products. Otherwise, you may gain subscribers, but also have many people unsubscribe.

You have made a number of follow up emails with keeping promotions to a minimum. Okay, now you can start to slowly pitch products. But be judicious. Do not let every email be about a product. You need to let a few emails be advice, motivations, or keen insight you have gained. You want people to open their emails, and read them, that you sent. I have had people send only promotions from their "friends". Perhaps they are all your friends, but I have an inclination that you are friends only because you are making them money. I no longer receive emails from them. Send out emails offering both advice and promotions. They signed up with you and can expect emails coming from you, so make them count.

One of the ways to make an incredible amount of money as an affiliate marketer is through writing winning follow up emails. When you create effective follow ups, you can save yourself time from having to continuously write emails (there is a "broadcast" email which sends an email out to all of the people on your list), can start long time relationships with potential customers, and make money off those relationships. Do not underestimate the potential of writing winning follow up emails.

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