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Positive Affirmations For Worry Free Living
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Positive Affirmations for Worry Free Living

Quick, positive affirmations are a good way to remind ourselves of our goals for the day. Anyone can make an affirmation. You just have to state that you have already performed a desired action.

You can create affirmations to help improve other parts of your life, but for the moment, I’ll be giving you some affirmations for actively combating worrying.

You can say one affirmation and if that works for you, then you can stop. If you think one affirmation is not enough, feel free to read several or all of the positive affirmations that I’ve listed below. These positive statements/affirmations can be said out loud, or you can say these quietly to yourself in your mind.

1. Today I will strive to be happier than yesterday. If not, I will at least be happy regardless of what may come my way today.

2. Today I will do my best to become adaptable to ever-changing circumstances. If there is a problem, I will solve it or work around it. I will not let problems get me down or cause me any form of worry or anxiety.

3. Today I will do what I can to take care of my body. My body is my temple and without it, I can do nothing. My body houses and nourishes my mind, which is the source of my creativity and diligence.

I will not abuse my body in any way and I will do my best to nourish and care for it properly. I will do this because if my body is healthy, it will be an effective motor that will carry out my desires in this life.

4. Today I will be on my best behavior and I will try my best to do good to everyone that I meet. I don’t have to be heroic, but I will extend a helping hand if it is needed. Nothing exercises the soul better than being a positive force in other people’s lives.

5. Today I will only live for the twenty-four hours allotted for every human being every single day. I will not fret over every life problem that I have and I will not feel depressed at every negative thing that I can think of.

Today my goal is peace and happiness and all that I want is to get through the day without a hint of worry. This will help me reach my goals in a stress-free manner and will also add years to my life.

6. Today I will allot one hour of complete peace and silence for myself. In this one hour of rest, I will only be interested in replenishing my reserves.

In this one hour, I will think only of the things that make me feel complete and satisfied with my life. Negativity has no place in this special one hour that I have allotted exclusively for myself only.

7. Today my goal is to look good, feel good, and be good to everyone around me. I will not neglect my physical appearance and the way I dress or groom myself. Instead, I will choose to look good because this is my appearance to the whole world and because I also want to project positivity to everyone else.

8. Today I will strive to say only positive things to those around me. In the event that I do find something that I would like to criticize, I will only take a deep breath and I will say something positive instead, or I will simply be on my way.

9. Today I will be more appreciative and thankful for what I have because not everyone has what I have. I may not be the wealthiest, handsomest/prettiest of them all, but I do have the gift of being free from anxiety, stress, and most of all, chronic worrying.

I will hold what I already have close to my heart and I will strive to be appreciative of everything that I have, even the small faults and defects, because these small faults help me become a better person every day.

10. Today my goal is to have a schedule that I will follow to the letter. This schedule will provide an ample time allotment to everything that I need to accomplish throughout the day and not a force on Earth can bend my schedule. This list will help me drive off worry because I will have plenty of time for everything that matters to me.

11. Today I will not be afraid to pursue things that I have put in the back burner for so long. I will allow myself to become happy by doing the things that matter to me and I will be unafraid of the consequences because positive desires attract positive things and not the other way around. I will be thankful and appreciative of my successes today and I will strive to continue my personal growth on a much deeper level as the days go by.

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