Of Chains, Maps, And Reality
If you’ve ever gone to a circus, you’ve most likely noticed the little chain around the elephants’ ankles. Doesn’t…
How Anime Reflects Our Lives
Anime is a very popular form of entertainment nowadays. The term loosely refers to Japanese animated cartoons. It is…
Personal Responsibility Vs Blaming Others
How do I define personal responsibility? Claiming all rights to statements I make, thoughts I think, actions I do,…
The Warrior In You
You threw off the covers this morning and dragged yourself out of bed even though your still tired and feeling sick.…
New Years Eve Anxiety?
New years eve! The last day of the year is upon us again. That dreaded day when get to apraise our achievments, good…
How Can A Person Build Self Value
A person can develop self worth at an early age, but I think it is up to the parents to help with instilling that characteristic…
Empowerment Articles (134)
If someone was to tell you that domestic violence is a good thing and you should be grateful for it you would no doubt laugh in their face and feel waves of red hot anger course through your body. I was the same until I recently read some of the…
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My Shining Light
In my darkness, my eyes are closed to everything around me. Everywhere I turn, I see just a figment of mine imagination. Everywhere I listen, I hear evil whispers about me telling of devious things. My heart feels like a wretched rock among a river tainted with slimy moss like…
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About motivations and why people do what they do
There is a reason why people do what they do….
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One Step at a Time by Rahn Anthoni
Have you ever heard of "One Step At a Time by Rahn Anthoni"? Truth is, it does take one step at a time to get through things that get you down. I do not care what you have been through in your life. It just takes one step at a…
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Media Madness
Seriously what is with all this media madness? I have a real issue with fear mongering. I totally get that the reason for those catchy headlines is to sell more, capture more of the spotlight and people’s attention, but at what cost? Building a world that is full of doom,…
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The Keys To Success
Anything you want to accomplish or any dream you want to fulfill all starts within you. Before you can achieve success, you must first have the formidable belief that you can and will accomplish it. The mind is a powerful thing. Three critical elements in releasing your inner power are…
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Do You Still Dream Big?
Do you still have big dreams like you did when you were a child or have you fallen into the routine of life? Do you use your full potential to imagine that you can obtain all of your biggest and wildest dreams? Are you living out your dreams or are…
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Balance is Garbage
We all have people deliver information to us in times of great need. I just wanted to share this one with you. Balance is Bogus, so stop trying to balance your life. This constant quest for balance is one of the biggest reasons I see for dissatisfaction in life. In…
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We Are Better When We Are Ourselves
The Beginning For the best part of my life as far as I can remember,I have always wanted to be the best at what I do,to me being 'numero uno' had the air of rarity which could only enrich one's life. However as time grew on me and I became…
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Successful Career Planning: Tips for Job - seekers Of All Ages
Career planning is an activity that should not be done once -- university -- and then left behind as we move forward in our jobs and careers. Rather, career planning is an activity that is best done on a regular basis -- especially given the data that the average worker…
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Three Of Life's Biggest Choices!
When something bad happens to you, what do you do? Stop what you are doing right now and give me your undivided attention for just the next few moments. I am asking you to focus, shut the world out of your mind and read this with the feeling that it…
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Brain Waves And the Human Personality
1-Do We Need to Know about Brain Waves? The brain operates at different frequencies called brain waves. These brain waves can influence the personality. Brain waves have influence: memory, energy level, the mood, mental activity, learning ability, immune system, stress level, and happiness. They can change our emotional states. Brain…
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What Can You Do When Thing Are Just Not Working Out
Life's success encompasses much more than winning or gaining.  Furthermore, Luck has nothing to do with the successes in life and love or winning; after all luck runs out.  Doubt me?  Then ask a gambler who just spent his life savings on a “sure thing” only to lose everything; or…
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Knowledge is Power
In Latin, there is a phrase which says, "Ipsa scientia potestas est" or "Knowledge itself is power." It is a simple phrase but very true in what it means to your level of success in life. The phrase is not intended to motivate or inspire you to greatness. What it…
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The Best Work From Home Job Opportunities for Women In 2015
In the today’s world various job opportunities are available and lot of options are available for doing the job at any places. For improving the technology the jobs are also done in the home also by connecting the networks. Even the opportunities are available based on the jobs in the…
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The Results Of Forgiving
Forgiving is a natural part of any healthy persons life. As we travel in this journey there are going to be perceived wrongs done by others to us and by us onto others. If you can look at the need for forgiveness as a function of health and self loving…
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6 Tips for Positive Personality
1-Positive Affirmations: Positive statements about yourself are called affirmations. Positive affirmations will boost your self esteem and create your positive personality. The main role of these affirmations is to enable you to have a positive self-dialogue. Most people talk to themselves in a negative way and use bad language under…
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The Power Of Thinking
Do you know anything about the power of thinking? How often do you spend time thinking? Once a week, once a year or never? Do you know how powerful thinking is? Buddha spent 40 days and he got the answer to the meaning of life - he created Buddhism. Albert…
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How I Came to Move From France to the Us!
Only one life! Life is too short! Too many people live with regrets. They have desires, even goals. Some will take the first step some wont. And some will abandon 3 feet from the gold. Opportunities are missed because we did not go through that open door. Your instinct tells…
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The Power Within
I know what its like to feel the weight of the world falling down right on you. Do you ? I'm sure all of us at one point or another feel that way. We brush it off, ignore it, say it wont happen again , or that tomorrow will be…
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Where to Look for a Job
When your employment is threatened and your financial resources are eventually cut off (with your late employer telling you that your new job is to find a new job) you feel betrayed and ill-treated because you probably are. The question is where to look for a new job. Some employers…
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Fresh Start
With forgiving comes acceptance! You can't do one without the other. People have a hard doing either.... However, you have to be willing to do both, if want someone to do the same for you! People can change, people can right their wrongs! forgive yourself! Hard to do, hard to…
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Who Are You
I love to listen to motivation speeches and one of my favorites is Les Brown and one of his famous sayings is, “Don’t let someone else opinion of you become your reality.” I believe that if I were to ask 10 people who they were, only 2 would be able…
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What Is Self Improvement
What a better article to write after my article on Is learning Important, than self improvement. I feel we are put on this earth to make a difference. Some of us leave a mark, while others just pass through unnoticed. So why is there such a great chasm between the…
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The Right/left Brain - Part 4
Now after we know about the importance of the right brain, we want to know how to develop it. Research shows that in order to develop any part of the brain, it needs enough exercise, meaning that part has to be activated enough. As we now know, 98% of people…
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Inner Guidance – When Did You Last Sync Up?
When was the last time you synced up to your inner guidance? In the same way old emails stay stored on PDA devices if they're not synch up, any outdated beliefs and habits can remain stored with us running our lives if we don’t take the time to sync up…
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Map System - in Addition to the Whole Albion Online Map
1. Remove the breakage/trash system. Space is limited. Why make everyone go harvest it up again? (not buying the need to remove resources from the system argument) Durability is doing a good enough job of removing gear. Wanting to play more than spend so much harvesting. 2. Map system -In…
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I Feel Like A No - Name Nobody
A few years ago when I was teaching elementary school, a fight broke out on the playground. Two little second graders came in with dirt all over them and with tears making little muddy paths down their cheeks. As I consoled Jeremy, who looked as if he got the worse…
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What Everyone Should Find Out Regarding Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT is actually an institution and education associated with psychiatric therapy aiming to assist individuals get over their own mental and emotional issues. Cognitive means mind activities much like thinking. The word ‘cognitive’ pertains to all that goes on inside the brain which includes dreams, memories,…
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If Your Ship Doesn’t Come In, Swim Out to It! Jonathan Winters
Make Those Requests Being on the planet as your bona fide self and living with nobility includes having the capacity to make demands. Having the capacity to request what you need is an exceptionally important device. Realizing what you need to ask is imperative. Numerous individuals don't understand they don't…
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There are different forms of education. the distinction comes depending on the context and environment.…
Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to Phil. Phil is my bad mood and he is going to lose his…
What does empowerment mean? What are you when you are empowered? The answer to this question is that…
Every person in the world has different hopes, different wishes, different dreams; but ultimately…
1-Introduction Many people want to know what the core of personality is and why it is important to…
1-The right Brain Becoming More Important Research shows that children are genius and that between…

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