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8 Reasons To Feel Great Being A Woman
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8 Reasons to Feel Great Being A Woman

Today, I wanted to celebrate my femininity. So without further ado, here goes.

1. People underestimate your abilities. – Sometimes the element of surprise is an amazing advantage, you know. Wars have been won just because the seeming stronger side was not expecting the ‘weaker’ side to try so hard. Give your all and see what the results could be.

2. Multi-Tasking – We wear many hats at various times in our life so we learn how to do numerous things at once and as long as we are determined to see things through, the sky is our limit.

3. Great Judge of character – Women are more likely to listen to their intuition when it comes to dealing with people. We are also more used to dealing with people on a heart level so we get a feel for the words people speak and their body language that can only be picked up on by really paying attention. Paying attention to people is something that most of us women are really good at.

4. Ability to be real without feeling everything is a competition. – At times we may feel weak, we may feel stressed and instead of attempting to put a brave face on it and stand alone, we gather our friends around and ask for advice or just ask someone to listen to us while we vent. The vent sometimes provides us with an answer so in the end, we do not need any help. Ultimately, because we chose to be real, we found the answer whereas if we choose to keep it all inside and pretend we are ‘OK, thank you very much’ then the chances are all our energies and creativity is expended just trying to keep a brave face on.

5. Better choice-maker – Usually, we have big reasons to succeed like a better life for our family which may be a child, a parent, a partner, someone other than ourselves so when we make choices we take this into consideration. Security is also another biggie for us so we are unlikely to do something on a whim. This means that we take time to consider our choices before we make them, rather than do something while on an ego trip.

6. Better clothing– Not too serious a reason here but hey there is sooo much more variety of clothes we can wear to feel good and look good.

7. We live longer – Yes, women do definitely live longer than men usually. We have less risk factors related to our sex. Being male in some cases is a cause for concern when you think of heart disease. We are blessed.

8. We get to carry new life – This one can be controversial these days as lots of women choose not to become pregnant or give birth. But hey, at least we get the choice! For me, I consider this a blessing of great magnitude to be the one that carries a child and then pushes them out into the world. Whatever I accomplish when alive, if I manage to bring up a child who is healthy and wise, they and the generations beyond them can only surpass my contribution to the world at large. That is exciting to me!

I know there are numerous other reasons why it is great to be female but these were the first few that occurred to me. Do you have any more?

Women, Let's live life to the full! We are amazing!

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