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A Lesson Learned From My Daughter's Swimming Lesson
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We teach our children to be strong and to face their fears. We teach them to never quit and to not be afraid to try new things. Lately I have been battling fear in my pursuits and have had trouble finding the strength to battle on. Little did I know the big lesson I would learn from a simple trip to the pool.

I took my four year old daughter to her very first swimming lesson this evening. She has been in the ocean and swimming pools but never without mom and dad. We signed in and went to her group. They divided the kids up into groups of four. We took her robe off made sure her swimming suit was tied tight and put a swimmers cap on her head. Landon (her instructor) sat them down on the edge of the pool and put life vests on them. He gave them some instructions and they were ready to start.

Their first task was to swim about 15 feet or so with a paddle board. The children went one by one and then, it was Jaidin’s turn. She jumped up off the edge of the pool and ran over to me. “Daddy, I’m afraid to get in that water” she said. I told her to be brave and that Landon would not let anything happen to her. She walked back over eased herself into the water, held onto her paddle board and kicked for about 15 feet!

Next they were supposed to go the same 15 feet, but without assistance from Landon. One by one they kicked fifteen feet all by themselves and then, it was Jaidin’s turn. She jumped up from the edge of the pool and ran to me. “Daddy, I can’t do this, I might drown”. I told her to be brave and that Landon and I were watching her. I told her she could do it and to not be scared. She looked at me unconvinced but went back to the water, eased herself into the pool and kicked her 15 feet all by herself!

They repeated the second task several times and each time she got a little more comfortable and a little bit faster. Their final task was to race one another. Jaidin jumped up off the edge of the pool and ran to me. “Daddy, I can’t race them, one of those boys might kick me or hurt me". I told her to be brave and not worry about those boys. I told her to just kick as hard as she could and look straight ahead. She adjusted her swimmers cap pulled her swimming suit out of her little butt crack and went back to the water. She eased herself into the pool grabbed her board and off they went. She looked straight ahead kicked as hard as she could. Not one little boy kicked her, they were too far behind! You could see the excitement on her face and the feeling of satisfaction shining through her smile!

Every day I face the fear of doing something I have never done before. I face the fear of writing a new children’s book, the fear of building a website, the fear of writing articles and most importantly, the fear of being no good and failing at it all, I have to force myself to ”get in the water”. As I was coaching my daughter to be brave and get back in the water a new sense of power flooded my head. If this little girl could fight her fear of drowning I could surely fight my fear of hitting keys on a pad! I knew at that moment how easy it would be to fight of the fear of writing an article for the first time and how simple it would be to add a new page to my site or improve the content. I found the strength to face my fears through the courage of my daughter!

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