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About Motivations And Why People Do What They Do
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It is either they have too much motivation, too little motivation or none at all. But the need to go to toilet also need a motivation too, isn’t? If not, we will never go to toilet. Example, if you have a very bad day, bathing or taking a shower is a no no.

But how about if you are going to have a date that you’ve been anticipate for a long time with a person that you really like? Of course, you will be feel motivated to take shower and dress yourself as attractive as possible.

Unfortunately not all things could be motivated in this way. At times in our life, there will be times that we are thinking why we are doing the things we are doing. We forgot the motivation that we have during that period of time. This lead to regret and the feeling stupid. Have been there? I have.

This is why, keeping a journal or a diary is a good way for us to remember why we do the things we do. How about having creating a photographs section of your life. Doesn’t have to be only when you are having great achievements, how about your daily experiences? IIt can also be included too.

Problem with storage? No problem there as digital picture frame could help you store all the memories you’ve got. But then again, if you really feel that demotivated, then, look for other person who are lacking than you. Do not compare yourself to those who have more because then you feel much more demotivated. Only compare to those who has more when you are thinking of having more, and start thinking how can I be like them?

There are many reasons why people do what they do. Motivation is a daily need like foods. There is this quote mention that motivation doesn’t last long, so that’s why people recommend It daily, same like bathing. Like bathing, you go and take shower when you feel the need to, but when it become a habit, you will take bath twice a day, isn’t?

So does motivation. Make it a habit and then you can see changes in your life. Find your own source of motivations, It could be an inspiring stories, a motivational quotes, an inspiring stories. Among the motivational sources that I recommend is motivational quotes and inspiring stories. With a sentence than less 20 wordings, it can makes you feel better in a fast way. Of course I do recommend self help books. So many books available to help you be better person that you want to be. Good Luck

I like writing about motivation as I able to enhance my motivation and at same time helping other people too. Life is a process of learning and motivation it helps me. to know more about my journey to motivation and inspirational sources, Check out my Motivation Helps ans see various sources on motivation

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