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Balance Is Garbage
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We all have people deliver information to us in times of great need. I just wanted to share this one with you.

Balance is Bogus, so stop trying to balance your life. This constant quest for balance is one of the biggest reasons I see for dissatisfaction in life. In fact it just isn't possible, nor do you actually want it. You see the idea of having a balanced life or even a balanced diet isn't what you are looking for at all. What you truly desire in life is internal harmony, a feeling that you are doing the right things at the right times.

We all have 5 areas that are important in our life Financial, Physical, Intellectual/Emotional, Relational, and Spiritual. At different times in our life each of these areas will need to take center stage. Imagine that you are unemployed and looking for a job. Do you think your wife or husband is going to be all bent out of shape if you make looking for a job, or starting a business your number 1 priority? I doubt it, I really can't see anybody who is hurting for money looking at their significant other and saying "Would you stop looking for jobs already, and sit down and watch TV with me?" Now if you are frustrated out of your mind, and you have been filling in applications for the last 12 hours, maybe.

You see, it isn't really balance we are looking for. Sometimes your relationships will come first, sometimes it will be business, sometimes it will be your health. We are looking to make a masterpiece out of our life, right? What is more important than balancing your life, is learning when each part needs to take the lead. Sometimes it will take crazy dedication to achieve what you desire.

Sometimes you may have to take massive action to get physically healthy, other times it will be massive focus on family or finances. While still others, you will be able to lift your foot off the gas for a moment and pursue a hobby or vacation that you have always wanted to take.

Your life is your masterpiece, you need to decide which brush to use in any given moment. Not try to paint the entire picture with the same number of strokes with each color. Liberate yourself from the illusion that balance is possible. Be happy with who you are and give your life 100%. Allow yourself to put certain things on the back burner so you can live the life of your dreams.


Street Talk

You are correct that we cannot always maintain the balance in life. I do not agree with you that we don't need a balanced diet. We need it to maintain our health. You are also not correct in saying that this constant quest for balance is one of the biggest reasons I see for dissatisfaction in life. It is not true. People dissatisfy because they cannot get what the want. We want money, fame, power, friendship and all the others. But I have never heard that "balance in life" is important to us. Is it a new age thing?

  about 8 years ago
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