Cory Hindorff's Secret Is Now Out Of The Closet
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Cory Hindorff\'s Secret is Now Out Of the Closet

Who the heck is Cory Hindorff?

Cory Hindorff was a finalist in the 20th cycle of America's Next Top Model. A twenty-two year old guy hailing from Philadelphia, Hindorff made it as one of the top three contestants competing to win a $100,000 national ad campaign with Guess, a fashion feature in Nylon Magazine and a modelling contract with Next Model Management. The stakes couldn't have been higher and Cory was 'in it to win it!'

Hindorff is a full and out gay model who is proud of his 'androgynousness'. As a personal hobby of self expression, he is also a drag queen who goes by the name Serena Star.

Why is Cory my hero?

It's no longer a mystery; Cory Hindorff's secret is now out of the closet - pun intended :). While he may inspire controversy to the point where America's Next Top Model's very own judges make homophobic comments, Hindorff is confident in who is and what he stands for, both as an individual and as a model.

The secret to Cory's success and fandom is the fact that he believes in himself and he knows that he can take what he has and what he does and inspire others.

It's not about the externals.

This article is neither about gay rights nor is it about the pros and cons of modelling. Rather, this is an attempt to share with you, my dear readers, what it is that you can learn from Cory Hindorff and apply to your own lives that'll allow you to grow into inspirational and motivational figures; not only for yourselves, but for others as well.

At the end of the day, Hindorff uses his appearance as a means to deliver a message to the world. Unlike many may suspect, Cory's message is not one of gay activism. Yes, he does use his feminism in his modelling and he is proud of that. The images he creates and the story he tells is not the same as that of a perhaps more typical, straight model from the fashion industry. But, that is a good thing!

In a world where we are constantly bombarded by societal propaganda that seeks to manipulate our thoughts and beliefs, it is important that we take the time to open our eyes and our minds to other values.

Learned limiting beliefs.

We are taught in school that the student with the straight As and is on the student council committee has the best shot of getting into the college of choice, thus impacting his entire future and ultimately, his success as an individual.

We are taught by the media that beauty is a be all and end all and should be a huge focus in our lives. By default this affects the way we look at our peers and how they look at us. They say you only have one chance to make a first impression. How true! We are instantly judged by our looks and dress not only in school, but even in professional work environments.

We are taught by our mentors and teachers that following rules is not only the right way, but the only way. And rules doesn't only apply to driving instruction and proper etiquette, but this category has grown to include ridiculous social standards and hierarchy.

Pushing the boundaries.

Each of us is born with unique qualities and characteristics that no one can duplicate. Our personalities cannot be mirrored by others, as they are exclusive to us as individuals. No one can tell us what to do or how we should do it.

Cory Hindorff recognizes all of this and implements this understanding in everything he does. Hindorff acknowledges that he is not the most typical of guys and pretending to be would not only hurt him by suppressing his natural instincts and abilities, but would be of no use to the greater good.

Each of us has a mission in this world that ultimately makes it a better place to live in. Our minor daily actions have an impact on those around us, whether we recognize it or not. Putting up a false front just to impress others is totally pointless and in fact deprives those we care about with what we really have to offer.

Embrace yourself and your awesomeness.

By not only accepting who you are, but appreciating yourself for all of your qualities - including the ones you may not be in love with at first, is a positive step in the right direction. Be honest with yourself because if you can't, who will be?

Take some time to be alone and reflect on your character traits, both good and bad, your looks, your values and beliefs, your perception of the world, and imagine how much easier life would be if you just admitted that you are who you are and no one can change you. Forget trying to conform to societal norms that some random person somewhere decided were 'normal'; normal is all relative anyway, right?

Think about it.

What is your 'gay quality'?

And then I'd love to hear your thoughts. Is there something that people have made fun of you about to the point that you buried that something deep down and rarely visit it? What is your 'gay quality'? And how can you change so that people not only recognize that about you, but come to admire and respect you for it?

Comment below and let's get the party started!

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