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Do You Still Dream Big?
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Do you still have big dreams like you did when you were a child or have you fallen into the routine of life? Do you use your full potential to imagine that you can obtain all of your biggest and wildest dreams? Are you living out your dreams or are you helping another obtain theirs? It may be time for you to start dreaming big again!

A few years ago I got involved with a company that sold life insurance. They had weekly training meetings and conference calls and you could purchase leads straight from them. They were big on self-improvement and personal growth and were big advocates of reading. I attended my first big quarterly conference filled with guest speakers and motivational tactics. I remember one speaker talking about the importance of having a strong passion and chasing big dreams.

I called my leads and made appointments and sold a fair amount of insurance. I followed all of the training offered and read daily. The more I read the more I would hear about passion and dreams. It seemed to be a recurring theme. I thought I needed to be more passionate about selling insurance and stayed with the daily grind.

Months passed and I attended my second major conference. Once again there were guest speakers and singers and more “motivational ra ra”. (If I am honest I liked the motivational stuff but I was more interested in how to sell more insurance!) The owner of the company would speak in-between the guest speakers and the singing and he would usually just talk about how well the other speakers were doing or hand out awards for team building and sales. Then he started talking about dreams and passion. This speech would change my life.

He talked about the importance of dreaming big, having a strong passion and setting goals. Then he told us about how he started out and chased his dream and now has this big company. At that moment it finally hit me, I WAS TRYING TO LIVE HIS DREAM! Selling insurance and building a team of people selling insurance was not my dream and I was not passionate about it. I would never find success in a field I cared nothing about. I cared about having life insurance but not selling it. I needed to find my own dream and my own passion.

I still had to provide for my family so I continued to sell insurance but I stopped all the meetings and the conference calls and all the other “stuff” I was supposed to be doing to reach my goals. I started spending a lot more time with my daughter and began reading even more books. I needed to discover what I was passionate about and try to remember how to dream big!

I heard about a children’s book reading that was at the local library every Thursday morning. I asked my daughter if she wanted to go, she said yes, and off we went. The librarian read picture books to the children and played songs for them to dance along with. I loved looking at the smiling little faces as they listened to the librarian read from the books. We went several weeks before it occurred to me that “I could write a children’s book”.

I rushed home and banged out as many thoughts as I could on the keyboard. I found I started writing about funny stories that had happened to Jaidin(my daughter) and the words seemed to flow like a river. Before I knew it I had around ten (what could be) picture books completed. I started thinking, I needed to get them illustrated and published. I could write a whole series with Jaidin as the main character! I was filled with passion and was starting to dream!

I woke the “dreamer” in me that day. I am looking for illustrators and continue to write. I have also found another passion, helping others achieve greatness. I feel there is massive potential in all of us but somehow let our environment trap it within. There are people that want to lose weight but feel as though they can’t. There are people that would like to have a better job but feel under-qualified or unworthy. There are people who would just like to achieve overall self-improvement. My dream is to help other people realize their full potential and give them the skills to manifest their dreams. I want to help the world DREAM BIG!

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