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Fresh Start
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With forgiving comes acceptance!

You can't do one without the other.

People have a hard doing either....

However, you have to be willing to do both, if want someone to do the same for you!

People can change, people can right their wrongs!

forgive yourself! Hard to do, hard to get past but needed to move on. And to learn from your mistakes.

Eventually you give yourself the time needed to understand your mistakes, and why you made them. Without that you will never heal!

It's important to forgive for your own reasons and not to please the other person. Being honest with yourself also helps this process move along nicely!

Love thy self, respect thy self, and be honest with thy self the way you want others to be with you!

I am motivated from all things around me, I am inspired by all things around me! However, I am the driving force behind all that will come next in my life. I was raised with a foundation to basic understandings of things, which will guide me on a daily basis. After that point it's me who controls my steps, my choices, my drive, my life!

I am GREAT not good, I am BRILLIANT not smart, I am BLESSED not lucky, I am truly motivated and inspired to get things moving as I know God has planned for me!

When things happen we tend to ignore all the signs that could have prevented them from happening. We also beat our self up every time we put the pieces together in our head. I have learned the hard way that sometimes you have to "do shit yourself" in order for you to be okay with the actual outcome, decision, process.

I never want to be lonely in anything I do, never want to be without the important people in my life when I have to make decisions. However, I know things are not always going to be as I like it, want it, or need it to be. I am learning to be way more emotionally stronger with myself. Pretty tough, not fun,........each day gets a littler harder than the day before. never did I ever think I would be where I am right now in my life. I should be happy, enjoying my twin girls, my husband.....

instead I'm picking up the pieces of what is left of my life trying to make a fresh start, Yeah with a fresh start both parties have to be willing to make a fresh start. UNDERSTOOD and PRETTY CLEAR these days, tough to go through, tough to handle, but the truth and my reality right now. Things will change when you make them change.

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