How To Become A Champion? The Top 5 Athletes Of All Time
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We look at the top 5 athletes in sports, and try to reach conclusions about what made them top in their sports. We want to know what is the common denominator that makes a person a champion. These top athletes are:

Michael Jordan – Basketball

Muhammad Ali – Boxing

Roger Federer – Tennis

Michael Phelps – Swimming

Tiger Woods - Golf

We explore their lives inside and outside their sports.

1-Michael Jordan

He received the “20th Century’s Greatest Athletes” by ESPN Sports Century. According to many critics, he is the best basketball player of all time. He faced many disappointments in his early professional life, particularly when he was not qualified for the university team. One time his university team lost 9 times in a row, and his team members lost confidence, but he was different and was able to motivate the team until they were back in winning fashion.

2- Muhammad Ali

Sports illustrated named him “Sportsman of the Century”. He was the first man to claim 3 undisputed world heavyweight titles. This legend was always positive in his thinking even at an early age. He would always say to himself "I am the greatest". He created the biggest upset in boxing history when he defeated mighty Sony Liston in 1963. He repeated the upset in 1974 when he defeated George Forman.

3- Roger Federer

The only male tennis player to ever win a record 17 singles grand slams. He broke many tennis records including the world's number 1 for most consecutive weeks. In 2011, he lost his number 1 ranking to Nadal, and most critics began to doubt his ability and performance. The next year, he won Wimbledon for the 7th time and regained his ranking as number 1 tennis player.

4- Michael Phelps

He is the only person in history to win a record 22 Olympic medals, including 18 gold medals. He broke 39 world records in swimming. As a kid, he wrote his goals on a piece of paper so as to motivate himself for a stronger exercise. His belief in himself was always strong that he did not believe in losing.

5- Tiger Woods

At age 37, he won more tournaments than any other Golf player at this age. His father was behind training your Tiger. At school, he experienced bullying and even discrimination, but he was very determined about his game. He was full of self confidence and was not intimidated by his competitors.

Their Common Denominator

They all shared one thing .....that is......mind power. They all believed in their ability, ability to win and defeat their rivals and did not doubt this ability at all. They welcomed challenges and saw them as inspiring rather than weakening them. They had the emotional attitude ....never to give up.

Studying these great champions, we find out that they are made ...not born. They did not have any physical advantage over their rivals: Michael Jordan was not the tallest basketball player, Muhammad Ali was not the strongest boxer, Roger Federer was not the quickest tennis player, Michael Phelps was not the most muscular and Tiger Woods did not sharper eyes or super eyesight. However, they all had superior self belief. Their focus on their dreams was bigger and sharper. They dreamed big and achieved big results. They realized their potential and were able to reach it.

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