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How To Build Your Character
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Building your character should be a lifetime journey. Why? Because you can never stop learning. You can always transcend higher and higher in life. If you find that you are stuck or you feel stuck. Then we need to see why you feel that way, and what can we do to change the way you are feeling right now!

Did you know you can shift your mood, using good memories from your past. Thats right shift how you are feeling. We dont want to stay stuck in in the same mood all day. Well let me give you a little bit advice. You can shift your mood right now. What I want you to do is think of something that made you laugh so much it was one of those out of control laughs. One of those laughs where you just cant help but laugh. One of those laughs where you face hurts from laughing and smiling so much. One of those laughs were your stomach hurts. One of those laughs that if you dont hurry up and go use the bathroom you are going to pee you pants lol!!

Think of that memory or situation. Take a moment and close your eyes. Now I want you to embrace the memory and the feeling. You should be smiling right now. This will help you to overcome if you are angry right now, or sad or maybe even the lost of a loved one.

WARNING!! Do not dwell on bad memories, sad memories, or hurtful memories. Those kind of memories put you in a funky mood. And do me a favor dont dwell on negativity, or what someone said. And dont tell yourself it is easier said then done, tell yourself it is easier done than said!

When you dwell on what someone said that was mean. This becomes your FUTURE! Watchout. Because your thoughts create your future. Whatever situation you are in right now. You are the causer. You did that. Whether good or bad. When you dwell on someone else's misery statement to you, you become miserable and you don't feel good. Well then you ask How can I block it out of my mind?

What I want you to do is forgive them, and forgive yourself. Everytime a thought come into your head, because you know they did you wrong. Forgive them, and let God handle there punishment. Personally I have done that, and I am hear to tell you it works wonders. Forgiveness is going to be one of the ways you are going to take your life back and happiness. Never allow someone to still your joy!

For more info I do personal coaching you can reach me on facebook under Temach Yisrael

Contact me I will respond. Don't hesitate. Your future depends on it. Make a change.

Much Love, Peace, and Harmony

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Nice writing my friend you are quite frank, honest, and open, we need more of this stuff.

  about 8 years ago

real cool..!!!! greatly appreciate...!!!! yes negativity could be really a bad feeling...!!! keep writing such inspiring stuff...

  about 9 years ago
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