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I Want To Change But I'm Stuck!
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I Want to Change But I\'m Stuck!

Do you want something different? Then you have to be someone different. You can only have something new if you are in a new place. You can't change a current situation from the same space it was created in. Have you ever met an old friend after many years and they were either the same or completely different? If they are the same then they are in the same place. If they are completely different they have obviously moved into a new space. This friend changed their mindset and created a change in their lives.

Are you desiring change but you feel stuck? Two situations are possible when you aren't moving toward your dreams. First on is you know what to do and you don't do it. The second possibility is that you simply don't know what to do.

In the first situation your desire for change has to overcome the pain of changing. Our maker put two wonderful qualities in us. The desire for change and the desire for consistency. One is the gas and one is the brake. Just as in driving your car you have to have both for a successful journey. These two conflicting desires are the internal checks and balances that keep you from staying at the starting line or crashing in the middle of the race. If you can't get started remember that the fuel that powers your change is the desire for something you want. Your desire has to overcome the natural tendency to stay where it is comfortable.

The second situation is that you simply don't know what to do. In this place your desire is usually very high but your knowledge and skill set isn't quite where it needs to be. Remember that just like a mustard seed, you have all the potential you already need for growth. All you need is a place from which to grow (soil), nourishment for your mind, body, and soul (water), and encouragement (light). If your desire is high but you feel stuck, take the one step you know that will be necessary. Obtain the needed education, do more research, network with people who have what you want, and perhaps obtain more capital if it is needed. Keep taking that one next step that you can see and the way will become clear.

Still scared of change? Good then you are doing it right. Change should never be completely comfortable. It also shouldn't be overpowering. If you feel scared and excited at the same time that is a good sign that you are headed in the right direction. Be completely honest with yourself. You have a powerful monitoring system in your mind if you will only learn to listen to it.

If that still, small voice is tentative but excited then go for it. If that voice is screaming no then stop and reevaluate. It doesn't necessarily mean that you are on the wrong path, but there is something that is triggering the alarm bells. Taking the proper time to be in the right mix for change is never wrong. Your inner self desires change just as much as you do, but the job of your ego is to preserve self. Listen to both and you will find the proper action.

With love, peace, and abundance


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