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If Ever, When?
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If Ever, When?

If not now, when? When is it going to be, that you get in the game of life? Gandhi said “We must be the change we wish to see in the world.”

Frankly, I am tired of talking to people in my life that have no desire to engage with life. I ask you “If not now, when?” I’ll tell you when! Never… that’s when. If you don’t take massive action on your dreams and goals for your life, it will not happen for you. I am not telling you something you don’t already know to be a fact. I am just re-emphasizing it.

This is going to be a political rant. Our country is in a mess. I wonder how many people will step up to the plate in the next thirty days and cast a vote for the candidate of their choice?

I can hear you now, “I don’t like either one, so I am just going to sit it out. My vote won’t matter, it’s rigged anyway. I am not political, never have been, so I don’t vote.” How about the worst excuse of them all, “I just simply don’t care who wins.”

I know there are great Americans out there getting the job done on a daily basis. I also realize and acknowledge far too many Americans are sitting by while Rome burns, and Nero fiddles.

America needs you to get engaged in the game of life. You are special. The Creator has given you special talents and gifts that only you can use. He expects you to get up out of that easy chair, and go out and fulfill your passions and desires in life.

Again, I ask you, if not now, when? “But, you don’t understand; I am a busy man. I have so many things I am involved in. My children’s sporting events, my children’s after-school activities… etc, etc….. Again, I say you need to be out there fulfilling your dreams and aspirations. America is in dire need of men and women with vision to step up to the plate and make a difference.

Folks, if you are waiting on Washington or your local politicians to get the job done, I have to tell you, it isn’t going to happen. I hear people all the time say “What kind of world are we leaving to our children and the next generation?” If you don’t step up to the plate and get engaged in the game of life, for no other reason, do it for your children and grandchildren. They truly need you right now.

I am just one small individual. What could I possibly contribute, and accomplish for America? I can point out a number of examples of cases where a single individual changed the world.

I know a man who took on a whole political party, and a nation and won. His name is Mahatma Gandhi. He changed the whole nation of India with his peaceful, non-violent protests. Martin Luther King changed the course of America with his marches and peaceful demonstrations. Rosa Parks changed a nation and a

people when she refused to give up her seat on the bus that day. Abraham Lincoln changed the course of history with the Civil War and Gettysburg. You can do this too!

I am not asking you to do something I am not already practicing in my own life. On September 2, 2012 I personally got engaged in the game of life. I jumped in with this motivational blog, Facebook Fan Page, and as of yesterday the YouTube Road to Motivation Video channel. I have a burning desire to help people and to help this great country of ours before it is too late. The clarion call is going out to the people of this great country. “If not now, when?” America is looking for men and women that will take a stand and make sure that this great country is preserved for the generations that are coming after us.

You might be asking yourself today, how can I get involved? How can I make a difference in this country? You can start by getting the information as to when the local elections in your town are held each year; you could run for the school board elections. You could run for local county offices, such as city council, or mayor, or maybe one day governor of your state. Who me? Yes, you!

You might get involved in charities and community activities that are making a difference in the cities and states across America; maybe you have the gifts and talent to start an organization to help people in your local area. It’s still not too late. Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner and there are many needy and hurting people that need a leg up to start the road back to health and happiness.

The take away message today is “If not now, when?” the scariest answer to this question is “Never”. Please, please, please, don’t let that be you! Go out there today. Get the information you need to make the changes in your life.

Have an awesome day!

Street Talk

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