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Intuition Is A Gift
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Intuition is A Gift

We don’t hear enough about intuition today when it comes to criminals and cons. Crimes are often analyzed on television by criminal profilers, but they are mostly talking about that person’s behavior and why they did something.

A few years ago there was a book by Gavin De Becker called “The Gift of Fear.” He explained how everyone was born with the ability to protect themselves by listening to their intuition. As a security consultant to celebrities and corporations, Mr. De Becker teaches that we are given warnings when we are in danger or should not trust someone.

Your intellect can do you harm if you let it override an uneasy feeling you have. Consider the following true story: A man was in a store in California when he suddenly felt afraid for no reason. What he did next may have saved his life. Instead of pushing down that fear and staying in the store, he got out. A few moments later a police officer that entered was gunned down.

The man who walked out just before the police officer was killed would learn that his subconscious mind knew he was in danger that day. He would recall that there was a man in the store wearing a heavy coat even though it was very warm outside. And the clerk looked afraid. He was not paying attention at the time, at least on a conscious level. But when his eyes transmitted those images to his brain, his intuition spoke: A shotgun was under that heavy coat and the place was about to be robbed.

We are taught from an early age to use our intellect. This is often at the expense of intuition. Giving someone the benefit of the doubt when you can’t actually put your finger on what it is you don’t like about them can be a costly mistake.

Real life crime shows on television often carry stories of victims who should have heard warning bells going off in their head. Many probably did, but didn’t act. A case profiled on America’s Most Wanted told of a young man who was asked by an acquaintance if he would give him a ride somewhere. He agreed, but after he took the acquaintance to the first location, he then asked him if they could go pick up a friend. Chances are the young man started to feel a little uneasy. He should have insisted this person get out of his car. But he took him to the second location where the friend was waiting to rob and murder him.

The intellectual side of the brain will argue with the still, small voice of intuition. It will offer all kinds of logical reasons why you’re foolish to be suspicious. Don’t listen to it. Remember, letting the intellect win a debate with intuition always turns out bad.

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