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Media Madness
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Media Madness

Seriously what is with all this media madness? I have a real issue with fear mongering. I totally get that the reason for those catchy headlines is to sell more, capture more of the spotlight and people’s attention, but at what cost? Building a world that is full of doom, gloom and despair, simply because it gets more ratings?

Where have all the good news stories gone? Can you literally imagine a world that is kind, giving, abundant and peaceful? I know I can but it isn’t always easy. Being bombarded from the latest product, trend or crisis each vying for our energy, time and money.

Well guess what? It all starts with each of us and our own world view that we choose moment to moment, day by day.

It’s so easy to buy into these stories that get peddled toward us or join the blame game. But doing this only perpetuates that which we so strongly voice our opinions against and renders us powerless to affect change in this cycle we have created.

However I don’t believe in burying our heads in the sand. It takes a wise balanced approach to acknowledge and process certain situations in our local and global communities, but it does no one good to wallow forever in the self-fulfilling prophecy of fear and lack.

.The thing is; if we fill up our conscious minds with all the ‘chatter’ out there preaching a certain wave of negativity, it drains us of power to be our own creative force for good.

I subscribe to the philosophy that we are what we think. Our thoughts create the world we live in and amazingly we have the power to choose our thoughts and actions. Doing so, allows us to be a beacon for others to follow.

I dare you to turn off the TV more, put down that newspaper and trial using your mind to imagine and create a more positive and balanced life experience.

“Ahhh” she sighs, “nice to get that off my chest.” And I know there are a great many people that echo my sentiments and to those I say thank you. And to others, I also thank you because without challenge there is no growth and I am in for the long haul – to explore my emotions and belief patterns as they come up against ingrained thought paradigms on small and larger scales.

It’s awesome when I do this for myself and start to actualize firsthand the magnetic energy of attracting what I have purposefully thought about. I made a commitment at the end of last year to dedicate myself to my education. That got me in the mindset to attract to me the right circumstance where I have now successfully and effortless enrolled in a diploma course while still holding down my full time job. I suddenly found myself in my own creation of wonderful opportunity.

Your stories, comments and feedback always welcome.

Street Talk

Here, here C4rmen and Heather, we have no TV and I am not interested in newspapers, a cursory glance at news sites once a day tells me if their is anything of importance like the world is going to end tomorrow. The news today I think written for "catch phrase" bad news being good news for them. If you want good news there is plenty on the net of people having successes etc, this is what I like to read, its all feel good stuff. Human suffering seems to make the news media happy, not me.

  about 1 decade ago

Great approach Rob!

  about 1 decade ago

I am so with you on this C4men. Other's can't understand me not having a TV and not buying the newspaper. I tell them if the event is dramatic enough it comes to me. I think I get enough of the bad news as it is. Isn't it amazing when we change our focus how the events arrive to support our new direction... if we're not distracted by life's rubbish so that we miss the opportunities. Another great article. Thank you!

  about 1 decade ago

You're welcome :) There will always be trivial stuff to fill our heads if we dont purposefully choose our own direction.

  about 1 decade ago

We are what we think. Good article.

  about 1 decade ago

Thanks Shawn :)

  about 1 decade ago
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