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Most often I enter some institutions and find the employees in a moody and gloomy state. No cheerful smiles, no friendly atmosphere for the customer to feel at home.

I then ask myself, what is causing this futile conduct among these people?

I have come to realize that, in my part of the world, most students do not tailor the courses or programs they do around their passion when they get into either the Senior High Schools or the universities.

They then finish and don’t know what specifically they would like to build their lives on and for that matter, they fall for any job that comes their way.

Therefore it becomes the chase of money which places paramount of the priorities when one finishes the tertiary.

Some may find themselves in institutions which they have no passion for, in institutions which does not fit their nature and temperaments.

One thing I have also come to understand is that, when one operates on a job he/she is passionate about, he does it with exuberance, creativity, eagerness and commitment. When all these come to play then productivity and efficacy becomes the end products.

When one functions on a job with passion, anyone who comes into contact with him becomes affected with the positive atmosphere. This makes that moment a state of magnificence filled with desired resolutions.

I believe money cannot buy fulfillment but passion begets peak performance and self satisfaction.

I believe if all our students are going to identify their passions and develop them with all their heart, there wouldn’t be high unemployment rate. If you love what you do, you will do it with all your might and this will fetch you excellence and splendor, which will bring you fulfillment.

Most parents have caused their children to suffer in this world because they’ve directed the child towards the path they taught was worthy, forgetting about the child’s inner most desires, which will fuel their passion for greater accomplishments and bring them fulfillment.

All the changes we have witnessed across the globe were ignited by passion and every youth willing to be a trailblazer should be unique in expediting his vision with passion. We can now say that if we want to operate at the state of excellence and peak performance, we need to identify our passion and work it with all zealousness.

Thank you once again and I say a big thank you for your time but I believe it is worth it.

Have a good one and keep the positive mental attitude.

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