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To believe that man was created of a single cell over billions of years ago and over the years has evolved to what he is today is a total lack of knowledge. Today, even science with all its accomplishments acknowledges that man as all other creation must have had a creator. Thus, the Darwinian theory of evolution is no longer valid and is considered a fixation of the past.

Once the acknowledgment of the existence of the creator has been established, it becomes important to know what the creator's ultimate plan is and why we are here.

Throughout history, man's search for solving that mystery has sometimes driven him into madness. In search for meaning, he has often asked himself; what is the purpose of my existence and what is the creator's ultimate plan? Nevertheless, man's search for meaning can only help him evolve. In search for meaning with persistence, he will soon find the ultimate purpose of his life. With hope and faith in the power of the unseen, great discoveries are possible.

But how can a man ever find faith and hope in what seems to be a faithless and hopeless world? How can a man ever believe that there is a higher being who oversees his well-being when at the time of misery, the higher being is nowhere to be found? How can a man ever believe in the existence of God when famine and disease created by the same God have killed his children? Dear God, did you create me so that you could fill my days with pain and misery? Where are you God? Where are you when I desperately and hopelessly need an answer?

But perhaps the answers to such questions could be heard from within the man's own heart. Man lives and searches all his life for something meaningful but disappointed so often he realizes that his life has been nothing but a vicious cycle filled with temporary joys. He wonders desperately in search for his purpose just to realize that his life has no meaning without faith in some higher power. Later through faith in that higher power, he recognizes that a meaningful life is a spiritual life which empowers him to have a sense of attachment to something other than the material world which is all around him. He realizes that his true life begins when he begins his journey of life by starting a family of his own and bringing a child into this world. A child who he can call the fruit of his life. An offspring, which explains a new creation. A fragile life which one day becomes a man or a woman.

Then he recognizes that by making sacrifices for this child, his life has become meaningful and great.. He marvels in the field of life and thinks about his child (creation). Then, he discovers true love and he realizes that now his greatness is due to his love for his child. Later, he discovers that by surrendering to the commitment of fatherhood, his life has become important and significant. He finds prominence in his responsibility for his child.. Now I have a true purpose. Now I must provide for my child and exhaust all ways possible to make this child comfortable. This is the ultimate purpose of a man's life and this purpose takes us to the love of our God and His reasoning for creating us.

Yes, he has brought us into this world just like a father out of love and compassion. Without us, He has no purpose. So the very proof that there is a creator lays in the

fact that there are creations. Yes. You and I are the very proof that there is indeed a heavenly father who has brought us into his world by free will and only out of purist form of unconditional love.

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