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Self Defense Moves
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Self Defense Moves

The art of self defense is more than a couple of fancy self defense moves that you might have seen used in the latest action flick on TV.

Any defense technique has to be instinctive and not something that is overly complex or difficult to execute.

These types of techniques can take many hours of practice to master and don’t always work in every situation.

Best Self Defense Moves

The best self defense is to avoid a situation in the first place, or having the skills and confidence to diffuse or walk away from a situation before it escalates to needing to take action.

Action Required

If action is necessary, using self defense moves that allow you to escape from a situation, and remove yourself from the danger, are the first priority.

Simple movements are best as these are easier to remember and more likely to be instinctive.

The basic techniques you should learn are how to free yourself from;

• A single wrist grab of either wrist

• A double wrist grab

• A double handed throat choke from the front

• A neck grab from behind

• A rear headlock

• A rear bear hug

Each of those techniques may need to be used in a scenario where someone is attempting to grab you and possibly drag you into a vehicle, into the bushes or somewhere else that is away from where someone may see them and can come to your aid.

Releasing yourself from their grip, and then making enough noise to attract attention will usually send this form of attacker scurrying without the need for further action.

The Need to Strike

Unfortunately you may at some point find yourself in a situation where striking to cause pain or to render an attacker unable or unwilling to continue is necessary.

Unless you carry some form of legal weapon, that is easily accessible, and you are proficient at using it, then utilizing the weapons of the body will be your only defense.

In these situations you want to use weapons that;

• Are highly effective

• Do not require a lot of strength to be effective

• Deliver sufficient force to your attacker will minimal damage to you

Best Body Weapons

• Palm heel of hands

• Elbows

• Heel of foot

• Knees

Element of Surprise

The most effective self defense moves are the ones that catch your attacker off guard.

The element of surprise works because most attackers chose victims they see as easy prey and not able to fend them off.

Being able to act quickly, decisively and accurately in either an escape defense or a strike defense, is the key to effective self defense moves.

Keys to Staying Safe in Today's Society

1. Learn to recognize potentially dangerous places, people and situations, remove yourself from the danger before it occurs.

2. Learn release techniques that are simple and effective to break from a hold, attract attention and remove your self from further danger.

3. Use the best weapons of the body to quickly strike with only the force necessary to cause an attacker to retreat, or until you can remove yourself from further danger.

Learn Self Defense

Stop feeling Scared, don’t become another violence statistic, learn self defense today!

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