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Success In Ifficult Careers
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Success In Difficult Careers

Congratulations . . . if you know what career you want, or if you're looking for some solid information to help you decide, either way you've come to the right place. There is information here, written by one who's been there before and who can help you maximize the opportunities that you have available.

Many people have hopes of fame and fortune, but few ever come close to achieving their dreams. Why do so many fail?

Sure, It takes brains and hard work to accomplish a difficult goal, but that is only the minimum requirement. These two abilities alone have never been enough to achieve a truely difficult goal. For many of the rich and famous, if they were honest, and it makes no difference how talented, intelligent, attractive, charismatic, or charming they are, the number one reason for their success is plain old ordinary . . . LUCK ! Yep, plain old luck.

Before the end of his life, former U.S. President and WW-II Five-Star General, Dwight D. Eisenhower, was asked why he had been able to accomplish so much during his lifetime. After hesitating for a moment of thought, he confidently said: "All of my life, I've been at the right place at the right time." The former president went on give example after example of this fact in his life. There are very few people who are both intelligent enough and honest enough to realize this truth, let alone admit it!

Do you know what the "Right Stuff" is . . . . really is? More than anything else, it's being at the right place . . . . at the right time! Once people become rich and famous they all want to deny that simple fact, because they all want to think that they are more special than the rest of society, that they're just a little bit better than everyone else. But in the final analysis, just like being born in the U.S.A., they just got a little luckier than the next guy who was born into poverty in Ruanda or Bangladesh.

If you're like most people, you probably think luck is undependable and unreliable. And of course, you'd be right. So to achieve a difficult goal, if that's what you want to accomplish, you're going to have to do something to change your odds, if you're ever going to have any real chance at grasping the dreams you hope to achieve.

So, let's take a look at some other possibilities that trump mere "LUCK." There are other reasons that factor into people becoming Rich and Famous. Maybe they were born with Money - or have Famous Families like Paris Hilton or the Kennedy clan. Maybe their Parents were famous in their chosen field - like Michael Douglas, Miley Cyrus, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Garner, Raschal Flatts, Charlie Sheen, Emilio Estevez, Beau and Jeff Bridges, Jamie Lee Curtis, the Carradine brothers, Hank Williams, Jr., and a whole host of other singers and actors. Hmmm . . . can you see a pattern here? After a friend or family member runs into dumb luck then others around them are often able to use that luck to catapult their own careers and change their lives!

Another way that people have been able to beat the odds is by starting young. This rule has been used by a whole host of professional athletes and Olympians: Jimmy Connors (2), John McEnroe (8), Serena Williams (5), Mark Spitz (2), Michel Phelps (7), Nancy Kerrigan (6), Michelle Kwan (5), and finally, Tiger Woods (2). Even Frank Sinatra used this strategy when he started singing for tips at the age eight while standing on top of a bar at a nightclub in Hoboken, NJ.

So there's the run down . . . luck is the most important, money, who you know (which is why colleges have fraternities and sororities) or your connections, and finally, starting early, or when you're young, all seem to be important factors in gaining success in one's chosen field.

However, starting early, or when one is young, has some unique characteristics that the other methods lack. Consider this, by the time Frank Sinatra was 28, he already had twenty years of professional singing experience! And, with experience comes knowledge and "Knowledge" is the most valuable commodity of all. Having knowledge allows you to know where you are in relation to the reality around you and it helps you determine what you should do next. Ahhh, what to do next has saved people’s lives as well as their money. But. . . not having knowledge and making the wrong decision, can be extremely costly! And, it can be the difference between success in a chosen career that reaches beyond one's wildest dreams or abject failure.

If people had more knowledge, before the Stock Market fell in 2008, then thousands upon thousands would not have lost vast sums of money. But . . . make no mistake, some people did foresee the stock market collapse and were safely out before the fall and they still have all of their money!

To shine more light on the value of knowledge, consider the article from the Washington Examiner on 04/06/11 - by JAY ALABASTER where he tells the story of a little town in northeastern Japan called Aneyoshi.

The little community has an old tablet, sticking out of the ground like a road marker, which speaks of the wisdom of building dwellings on higher ground and to beware of devastating tsunamis after an earthquake. One old stone tablet warned that no structure should be built below where it stood. A little more than a dozen home owners heeded this warning. They built on ground above the old stone tablet and there homes were spared the devastation that came. Sadly, the majority who did what everyone else was doing, took the common ideas and built on lower ground where thousands were killed. There are hundreds of these old markers along the Japanese coastline. Some of the tablets are around six hundred years old.

An old woman watched safely from her porch and saw a ship that was carried inland from the ocean, for half a mile, crush everything in its path. Sadly, in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, many forgot to heed the knowledge that had been placed there before them, for hundreds of years. The lack of Real Knowledge, cost many . . . . Everything they had.

For many, their luck - simply ran out.

Luck, money, and the right acquaintances, or connections can come and go. But knowledge stays with a person for a lifetime and cannot be stolen, or taken away. Knowledge that gives warnings, instruction, and ways of avoiding various pitfalls is valuable and useful in helping people fulfill their dreams and grasp a greater destiny!

With the knowledge you've gained from this single article, you are now aware that there might indeed be ways to accomplish difficult, to near impossible goals, if an individual has obtained the proper knowledge. All that is left to be done, is for you to be given that knowledge.

The knowledge you need to succeed at a particular career endeavor is available, yours for the taking. But, it will cost you time, money, and a lot of work. If you're serious about your success, you'll have to make significant sacrifices. But . . . the knowledge you need, IS out there.

And as the old saying goes, the part that I haven't told you about - the knowledge that you'll need to succeed at a high level, well . . . . that's a whole other story!

Come to my website, choose a career, and gain the inside information you'll need (knowledge) to help you succeed beyond your wildest dreams

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