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The Results Of Forgiving
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The Results Of Forgiving

Forgiving is a natural part of any healthy persons life. As we travel in this journey there are going to be perceived wrongs done by others to us and by us onto others. If you can look at the need for forgiveness as a function of health and self loving you can clear the path for yourself to have a truly wonderful life.

Keep in mind that conflicts are not necessarily all bad. They are learning experiences. Let them teach you what they can and use that knowledge for a more fulfilled life. Also remember that there are aftereffects of forgiveness.

I recently forgave something that I had been holding on to for a long time. When I forgave, I knew that there would be a result to come. About a week later I got a phone call from someone associated with the person I forgave and they reported that this person had decided to forgive me and now wanted to do something for my financial benefit.

Now this was interesting because I had not spoken to anyone including the person I forgave about my act of forgiveness. I had simply released the person and asked for release from them and let it go. As I said before, I immediately knew that something would happen and I had to prepare myself for that. Part of holding a grudge is also holding back others. I knew that I didn't want this person in my life and thought the power of my grudge would hold them back. All this grudge did was make me miserable and hold back blessings that were waiting for me.

You can't receive blessings with your arms crossed. You must open your arms to the world and release what you don't need so that your hands are empty to receive back what the world has in store for you.

These blessings include mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and societal components. If your mind is filled with grudges, you have less room to think about things you would like to accomplish.

Grudges are actually physically held in your body, so when you release them you actually feel less tension. Tension has been proven to be one of the worst things for your mental and physical health.

You can't truly connect with a higher being when your mind is focused on things of a lesser nature. Your soul can either cluck in the pen with the other chickens or soar in the sky like an eagle. It is truly up to you.

For friends, families, and associates it is no fun to be around someone who holds a grudge. I used to wonder why people would shy away from me as I would tell my story of woe and despair. People don't want to know where you were. They want to know where you are and where you are going.

Change what you focus on and change your story and you will change your life.

With love, peace, joy, and abundance


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