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The Warrior In You
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The Warrior In You

You threw off the covers this morning and dragged yourself out of bed even though your still tired and feeling sick. You got the kids up and started your day. I am no warrior you thought but had way to much on your mind to think of those strong and noble men and women who rise to every challenge. With no new worlds to be discovered and no enemy to battle you go about your day feeling under the weather with thoughts of nothing but home and bed.

No one would call you a warrior but they would be wrong.

1. You got up

Every day thousands if not millions choose not to face the day. They hide they hibernate and let the unsung warriors fight another day.

2. Someone depends on you.

You may just be a hero to your child but your still a hero. You're the parent who picks them up when they fall. You make sure that dinner's done and teachers are dealt with. You suck it up and wear the old shoes while they wear the new ones. You wipe eyes and put the fear of God and you into anyone who dares mess with them.

Your the warrior who slays the dragons and principles who need a good talking to.

3. You went to work anyway

This isn't your dream job, not even on your top 100 list of passible jobs but it is your job and you showed up.You do it to the best of your ability everyday with the understanding that one day you will work where you want to.

4. You solve the problems

Your coworker did not show up so your doing both jobs today. Your boss calls you in to say this has happened and I need an answer ASAP. Somehow you manage to get the answer hold down your job and do the essentials of your coworkers job all in eight hours.

5. Time to go home

You go home but your day does not end. You slip into your role as mate or parent or simply friend and go on to face new challenges. You face each challenge head on not with the thought of I am a great warrior but with the simple thought of this is what you do for those you love.

All is done and the day is over and you wearily head to bed. stopping to hang your sword up before falling down to get some much needed rest.

Although we all know the world will go on with out us what we forget is that the world is a much better place because we are in it. So remember the next time you think its a battle it just maybe but you are the warrior for the job.

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