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Three Of Life's Biggest Choices!
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Three Of Life\'s Biggest Choices!

When something bad happens to you, what do you do? Stop what you are doing right now and give me your undivided attention for just the next few moments. I am asking you to focus, shut the world out of your mind and read this with the feeling that it has been written with this morning.

When bad, awful, or even really horrendous things happen to you personally what do you do? Are you thinking? Let that cellphone ring, tell that child to give you ten minutes of quiet time for yourself. Okay are we really focused? Good!! Let’s continue.

Sorry in advance if you think I am being a little melodramatic with this particular blog but it is that important. If you can get the answer to this question correct you will be ahead of 90 percent of the crowd, by a country mile and from what I hear that is a fer piece. For the city people that are a very long ways ahead of most of the people you are hanging out with in your daily lives.

The picture and quote above so grabbed my attention this week that I knew I had to do a blog on this subject. This goes out to all the broke hearted, bitter, and disillusioned people in the world that are struggling with the answer to this question. I advise you to get the people that are struggling with this question to read this blog it is that important.

There are only 3 choices as to how you will answer the above question. "When something bad happens, what do you do?" Here are your three choices.

1. You can let it define you

2. You can let it destroy you

3. You can let it ultimately strengthen you.

There you have it folks, those are your three choices. I know because I am living proof of every one of them. In 2006 I had something so horrendous happen with my stepfather that it cost me all my personally belongings, my place of residency, and ultimately it cost me the lives of the two most important people in my life my mother, and grandmother. This problem was with me for 25 years. It was so horrendous that I had thoughts running through my life that could have put me away in prison for life. I went from one extreme to the other which was one of bitterness; depression and ultimately suicidal thoughts. I no longer wonder how a person could barricade themselves in a motel room with thoughts of suicide. I know I was there, as the saying goes "Been There, Done that" and no if someone had ask me "Hows that work'in out for you?" I would have had to answer not to terribly well.

I am here today as living proof that bitterness and hatred kills and destroys everything in its path if you will let it. I came to myself with the help of a good friend. I determined that I could let this incident define who I was going to be the rest of my life, I could let this particular incident with the help of my stepfather destroy me. Trust me that is what he set out to do. or finally with a lot of prayer, forgiveness, and gut wrenching choices I determined to let it all go. All of it.... easy? no not in the least hardest thing I have ever had to do. Horrendous? you betcha. I was determined to let this particular situation and its ultimate outcome strengthen every fiber of my being. Am I whole and complete yet, no still got a ways to go. Walk'in it out daily. It gets better day by day, month by month, year by year. Five years in the rear things are looking brighter and brighter. As trite as it sounds "Time does heal all wounds" but we first must let it do its work in us.

Whatever horrendous situation you may be going through today I am here to say let it go. Let it go. Lay it down, give it to the creator ask him to help you begin the healing process take the first step on a long journey. How long will you carry the situation you are in around? You only have three choices you can let it define who you are; you can continue to let it destroy you till there is nothing left. Or you can lay it down today right this moment and begin the strengthening process. Remember, ultimately what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Dry your tears blow your nose...... and go out begin the healing process

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