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What Can You Do When Thing Are Just Not Working Out
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Life's success encompasses much more than winning or gaining.  Furthermore, Luck has nothing to do with the successes in life and love or winning; after all luck runs out.  Doubt me?  Then ask a gambler who just spent his life savings on a “sure thing” only to lose everything; or ask a recently divorced person who was so sure that just a few years ago has met the love of their life; better yet ask a Lotto winner -  money is great bonus in life, but after all the glamor of winning, how will they measure their success then? 

The reality is all of us work very hard to see things work out for us whether its in love life, our finances or careers.  All we really want to know is that whatever we set our minds on to accomplish in life, it will all work out for us – otherwise, we think, it is  failure and no one likes to see failure.   So what do we do when things are not working out for us?  It may not be that things have gone wrong, but perhaps  your strengths, weaknesses, goals and convictions should be revisited. 


     Goals - With goals, one has purpose and direction. When thing don't go the way you thought, identify people and situations that could be  hindering you from reaching your goals.  Also reaffirm that the goals you chose for yourself are indeed attainable and most important to you.


      Weakness - Nobody is perfect. Accept that you have flaws and deal with them.  When thing are not going well, know that what you want in life can quickly change from bad to worse if you allow your weaknesses to get the upper hand.


       Strengths - Your strengths are your confidence builders, so get to know your abilities and positive traits.  Some people find it difficult to identify their own talents or skills – it may take a concerted effort to write them down on paper in order to seee one's self-strengths. Keep this close by and review it often.  Seeing your strengths not only builds your confidence but fortify you to press forward despite any negativities that pop up.


        Convictions - What are your convictions?  What do you believe in?  Within your own heart, determine that what you are setting out for is doable, attainable, and truly what you want.  The worse thing you can be is wishy-washy.  Know your own identity and don't focus on what others say you are.  When things are not going as you hoped, your convictions will be that thing that keep you pressing forth, so always  know what you believe in and stick with it.

Ultimately, knowing your strengths, weaknesses, goals and convictions will be your mainstay even when things are not going the way you want them to.  So stay focused on these four things in everything you do.  Revisit and re-analyze them constantly.  In the end, as you see a thing starting to go “south,” don't be so ready to give in, stand strong.  It could be your strengths or convictions that help things to turn around.  Don't let your fears of failure allow you to get blown around like a fallen leaf.  Stand steady and strong like a strong tree that is well rooted to withstand any powerful storm or wind.



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