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What Makes The World Go Round
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What Makes the World Go Round

What is it that people look forward to all the time? What can make a woman enjoy her life? What makes a man feel like a man? What gets people pumped up and excited to live life? What makes people feel the importance of thier existance in the world? What pumps a positive idea in a negative mind?

What is everybody in the world looking for? What are they working so hard for?

I'll give you just one answer ......... success!

What is success?

Success is an achievement or a crown people get whenever they achieve thier goals. It is a status. But yet again for any individual success would be different. You cannot measure a person's success by the amount of money they have, the type of car they drive or how big thier house is. Because not everyone wants to be a millionare, drive expensive cars or live in a mansion. Hence you measure a person's success by thier own personal achievements to them which matters the most. You can only achieve success in what you commit yourself into.

You would find a woman that had a dream from her teenage years that she wants to get married at a certain age. When she achieves it, she can tell you a thing or two on how become successful. Success comes in different forms and sizes. The thing is everybody has it in them to be successful. You just have to want to be successful in order to become successful.

What then is a measurement of success? You can't measure success with money, cars, clothes or houses. People limit themselves and look for the right things in the wrong places. Success is not material or physical. Success is phsycological and authentic. Life is as good as you make of it. When you work hard for things you don't really desire you end up asking questions like ..... why am i doing this?The reason for that is because it takes a lot of energy when you are doing something you don't like, but when you doing something you love you can spend the whole night up and still have enough energy to get throught the day! It takes less energy to do anything thing you love then doing something you don't like.

Being authentitic is one of the biggest factor and key to succeeding.

What is being authentic?

Being authentic is being original and being comfourtable in your own skin. The things is some people who are said to be successful completely change who they are in order to live up to the ''status'' of being successful. Hence they spend thier lives filled with emptyness and are not satisfied about who they are and what they have achieved. You don't have to compromise yourself for success. Do what you love and love what you do. When you do things that you are comfourtable with you achieve a lot of things and it never really feels like work.

How do you become successful by doing what you love

The thing is you can't zap yourself to success. Success is a process. Think of a step ladder from the first step all the way to the top. Getting yourself to the top ladder becomes a proccess because you get to the top by taking it one step at a time. But for anyone to get to the top you go through that process. Find out what you love. Ask yourself what do you love? Then remind yourself everyday why are are striving for success so that when you are facing any form of challenges you will not give up. The first palce you look for success is in the inside of you. Your success is where your desires are. When you are doing something you love your are attracting positive results. The more positive you are the better results you get. When you are doing something you love you make a bigger impact in your life and in other people's life. If you are enthusiastic about what you are doing you get better results!

Achieving what you want

The biggest sector at being successful is having a positive frame of mind.What is a difference between a successful person and person that is not? What comes before action? The difference is the mentality and what comes before action is a thought. So the more positive you are the more successful you become. Remember a thought comes before action the successful people are ones the are more positive. Think about success all the time and you will achieve it! Anyone can be successful you just need to want it!

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