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What Words Do You Speak? Take Note Of These
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Words have been a great medium upon which many things have been established in this world. As Christians believe, the world that we live in was established or made under the utterance of the words of the most High God. Through the exchange of words many countries have gone into war and through words(speeches) tremendous changes has been made in the world.

Day in and day out, we all find ourselves emitting words which are either positive or negative. The words we speak have marvelous impact in our lives if you accept it or not.

After you’ve woke up from bed what do you say to yourself? “Ah, Am tired and I feel so weak, I can’t do anything or I feel terrific, today shall be better than yesterday.”

These simple words will go a long way to influence your activities and the situations you will encounter during the day.

When you start with negative expressions you tend to ruin your day, however, when we affirm positive statements, we create a positive and enthusiastic aura for wonderful accomplishments during the day.

Our words have presence and whatever we speak manifests in our lives. I tell you today that the words you speak will be the total significance of your life.

Declaring positive words into your life is like watering the seedlings of your flowers, they will grow and you will witness a magnificent garden. Your life will be full of bliss and emit extravagant perfume everywhere you go.

We will have to take a critical look at the kind of words we utter to our children. The words you use on your children might improve on their self worth or self image, whilst they can also put fear and a sense of worthlessness in his or her self image which will go along way to dissipitate the future.

What words do you say to yourself when you are lousy? It is much powerful to use positive intensified words and your mood will not be the same and vice versa.

So I would like to sound a word of caution as we light the bush or water our flowers with our words, never take words for granted and be careful to replace negative expressions immediately with positive intensified words and reward yourself for the step.

These small steps will eventually help you to chart a new course in your life by the words you speak. Words like, “am terrific, I feel unstoppable, I am extremely magnificent, etc will change your mood and fire you for excellence in all you do.

Words play a significant role in our lives so let’s keep to the positive and experience the positive, let’s not undermine the power of words but to use it to our advantage and support.

I appreciate your time with me and let’s keep impacting in our societies. The world awaits your smallest action.

Thank you.

Street Talk

I enjoyed your article, I agree with you, words are powerful things, maybe the most powerful things in the world, and we take them very much for granted. Whether you're happy or miserable, it's all in how you view the world.

  about 1 decade ago

Very well said Ty Johnson, many thanks!

  about 1 decade ago

It was a very good article, thank you for writing it. I hope more people read this, and get it.

  about 1 decade ago
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