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Build Your Own Solar And Wind Projects
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A Guide for Building Homemade Solar Panels and Wind Turbines.

This is going to tell you how to find a guide that will teach you how to build your own homemade wind mill and solar panel at a low cost. It could reduce your light or electric bill by eighty or even a hundred per cent. Will the guide help you do this? Lets look at the following information.

Guide information content:

1. It will tell you how to prepare how to build a green energy source.

2. It will tell you how solar and wind power works.

3. It will give you detailed instructions on how to build homemade solar panels or windmills or turbines.

4. It will give you many images to guide you.

5. It will give you accurate important steps and directions.

6. It will tell you how to obtain components. It will also tell you how to get some free parts for your projects.

It claims that you can build a homemade solar or wind power system for less then two hundred dollars. After you read the entire guide you can get a six hundred battery for free. If you follow the entire instructions properly, you can reduce your cost by about ninety per cent and save up to eighty per cent electricity.

It will show you how to build a mini solar power system to generate power for a light or you can build a larger one to generate solar power to lite many lights saving money on your power or light bill.

Different people will get different results because everyone don't use the same amount of fuel or electricity in their homes or even at their cabins or youcould use these systems in your RV's.

It doesn't where you use your system you will recover your initial investment if you follow all the instructions in the step by step guides correctly. Energy costs are increasing so rapidly that we need to develope sone sort of way to recover some of ourcost or maybe even eliminate them and give us a more secure futurs.

Scientist are always experimenting to discover ways of getting alternative fuels so we can reduce greenhouse gasses that cause damage to the envoirnment. They ar always trying to find ways to reduce the ways we use none renewable fuels which would also reduce the effect in the envoirnment. So you can reduce the effect on the envoirnment and save money by building solar and wind power systems taught to you in the guide.

Let me review you can get a windmill kit which you can get for about a hundred dollar investment which is probably less then a monthly electric or power bill. Imagine the amount of money you could save in power bills in a period of three to five years. Also you can build solar panels for a couple of hundred dollars which is cheap compared with professional installation and construction.

Make power at home with homemade windmills and homemade solar panels to reduce or eliminate your power bill.

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