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You can get Energy from the Sky

You can harness free power from the sky with free devices and techniques that are free power systems. You can do this with free resources so you don't you can probably eliminate your electric bills. These devices can generate free elictrecity indefinitely for household needs.

Three areas for free energy sources.

1. Television and radio signals is a proven efficent , reliable and cost effective free energy source that can generate free electricial energy. These signals are informational energy but can be developed into useable electrical energy because of its electromagnic properties.

2. Static electricity can produce usable currents.

3. Solar radiation and cosmic rays are always available in the sky as radiant energy.

There is applications that can help you harness these powers and generate electricity forpur own personal use. Be careful when worhing on devices that generate electricity because electricity can be dangerous. If you are not careful with electricity with high voltages and high currents can be fatal for a novice . But you will not have any trouble if you work safely. When you are building devices with step by step instructions make to follow all instructions to the letter if you are new at this. If you run into trouble or if you are not sure you can ask help from a professional to build or install a device. If you are really interested in these systems you can start small and the work into larger projects that will generate electricity that will operate household appliances.

Free energy is a concept that has been known to man for over a hundred years . Inventors have been building devices all over the world for ages.

Some of the inventors of free energy devices are.

Dr. Nakamat the Japanese inventor of the floppy disk and other devices has a huge home of more then 30 guest rooms. He generates the electricity for this entire house using free energy devices, they are mostly based on the magnetifying transformer invented by Nicola Tesla . Dr. Nakamat supplies enough free energy for his own needs and powers the entire electricity for the large house . The excess electricity he sells to the Tokyo Electric Power Company .

Nicola Tesla invented the magnetifying transformer that can transmit power over distances without using transmission lines . He discovered how to generate free energy from the sky that can power your home or you could do it at the cabin where no power is available.

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