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Going Green And Personal Freedom
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You would have to move to Mars to avoid any talk about going green. Whether it is a car commercial talking about electric cars or some other type of company pushing their idea for going green, everywhere you turn going green is the hot topic.

I believe everyone should be thinking about how they can convert to renewable energy like solar power and wind power. We all want to do our part for a better and cleaner environment but at what cost both financially and personally?

At what cost?

Like many people I would love to have the sun providing free energy for me to run everything in my house through solar power. But is it financially viable? The cost of buying solar panels and having them professionally installed is at minimum ten thousand dollars.

This is a big chunk of money for the average guy to invest, especially when it could take 10 or more years just to break even on the cost from the savings you would get. This is not a big incentive to have solar panels installed.

The same goes for wind energy. It takes acres and acres of windmills to produce enough energy to sustain a small town. And if you care for the environment do you really want to eliminate a lot of pristine land to put up rows and rows of giant steel towers.

And again, the cost just doesn’t add up to make it worth while. I know some in the government want renewable energy to be a top priority, but when the government has to subsidize these forms of energy with tax dollars to make them seem competitive then we all suffer financially.

This is where our financial and personal freedom starts to be affected. When the government is making decisions based on what they want and not what is practical, then we all loose.

We are forced to pay higher prices for gas because the government wants green energy to look more attractive. But at the same time they are using our tax dollars to pay for the green energy instead of it paying for itself like oil can.

So now we are paying higher prices at the pump and to support green energy programs through the government. With politicians arguing with each other all the time we are the ones suffering as they waste our money and limit our freedom on choices.

Do It Yourself

If you are really planning on going green there is one way to fight back, save money, and give yourself more freedom, do it yourself. Lot’s of people have discovered that they can go green on their own by building their own solar panels.

You might not have the power to lower gas prices but you can eliminate your electric bill putting more money in your pocket and taking back some personal freedom by controlling your private energy source.

With all the do it yourself guides out there you can now build and install your own solar panels for under two hundred dollars. You can now take care of the environment and put money in your pocket at the same time.

Going green has never been easier when you decide to create your own homemade energy by building home made solar panels.

Street Talk

Ken Lasch  

I like your aritcle. I am all for Going Green Solar Power, it is the solution for us all to harness the power of the sun. To break free and clear of the power company is the way to go for our future!

  about 1 decade ago
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