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Going Green Tips That Will Put Money In Your Pocket
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We hear a lot these days about going green. For most people there are three reasons for going green, saving the planet, saving money, or both. But many people are not sure what to do and they believe there will be too much of an upfront investment or they think they don’t have enough time to do the necessary things to go green.

But we are going to give you a few going green tips that will show you it doesn’t have to cost a lot, will save you money, and you don’t have to spend every spare minute to do it.

First - Energy saving in the home

A lot of people are still using old thermostats where you dial in the temperature you want. The problem is when it’s cold and you finally get the house warm you forget about turning it back down.

If you do this in the morning and leave for work then the heat is on all day warming an empty house. But if you install an electric meter with program settings you can set what temperature you want for every part of the day.

Set it to turn on before you get up and then to lower after you leave for work. You can also set it so it comes on just before you come home then to lower again after you go to bed. This can trim your heating and cooling bills by as much as twenty five percent.

Other things you can do are insulate floors, walls, and pipes this will go a long way to making your home far more energy efficient.

Second - Do you use public transportation?

Only the most remote areas don’t have public transportation. Even if you live in the suburbs there is usually some sort of public bus transportation. The city has even more with subways and trains.

This might seem like a hassle but see what type of public transportation is in your area and check their schedules. If you can use it to get back and forth to work, you will save far more money on gas and wear on your car, then you will spend on public transportation.

Right now public transportation saves millions of gallons of gas each year while at the same time cutting back on Co2 emissions and giving us cleaner air. This type of use saves you and the country money and cuts down on pollution.

Third - Let’s not forget recycling

I know you have been hearing this for years, but recycling can save you money and help the environment. Lots of states have redemption centers that will pay five or ten cents per can or bottle.

Now this isn’t a ton of money but you are helping the environment by keeping them out of the land fills and getting back some money. Even if you are in a state that doesn’t redeem, save the cans and turn them in for scrap metal.

It might be only pennies per pound but at least you are helping and those pennies go into your pocket.

Start a change jar and challenge your family to pitch in with this and at the end of the year do something fun with the money.

Also recycle newspapers, you won’t get money but you will limit what goes into the land fill and you will help save some trees.

Let’s face it we are always going to need wood for homes, furniture, and other necessary uses. But where we can recycle to limit the use of trees we should.

Last - Limit your use of hot water

Do you have a hot water heater? Does your hot water come out of your boiler? Either way you need to use oil, gas, or electricity to heat the water costing you energy dollars and causing more carbon dioxide emissions.

I have used cold water to wash everything and I really don’t see any difference. But for those of you, who feel there is a difference, look into the types of detergent that are being manufacturing today.

A lot of them are being designed to work with cold water. This is just another way to cut back on your energy use saving you money in the long run.

Finally I want to say there are lots of ways to become self sufficient. Doing things yourself can save you a lot of money in the long run and home made solar power is one of the best ways to eliminate your electric bill and become self sufficient .

Street Talk

You really save a lot of dollars by installing an in-line switch above your hot water heater, and then turn it OFF most of the time. Once each week, turn it ON for a big day of using its benefits. In the winter, you'd be surprised how much energy you save.

  about 1 decade ago
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