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Produce Electricity

Many believe that Benjamin Franklin is the father of electricity but it has come a long way since Franklin experimented with the kite in a lightling storm. Today we produce large amounts of electricity for commerical and domestic use. Electricity is generated from many different sources such as large generators run by fossil fuels,nuclear energy, water generators and even wind turbines. In my article I am going to explain a little how the different methods work and produce electricity for our consumpion.

All electricity is produced by large turbines. The turbines are turned by different means.

1. Burning of fossil fuels:

Lets look at fossil fuels first. Fossil fuels are coal, crude oil which is turned into petroleum in refineries and natural gas. These fuels which is are non renewable sources of developing electricity and causes large amounts of pollution released into the atmosphere. The pollution is released by burning the fuels to heat large amounts of water which releases steam this turns very large turbines to produce electricity.

2. Water generators:

Water power is generated by first building huge dams.Building dams usually flood acres of land . After the dam is in place there are surge tunnels built through which the water from the dam surges this turns huge turbines which turn the generators and this generates the electricity for our commerical and domestic power. Electricity generated by this method is considered one of the cleanest and envoirmental frendily sources of energy. Water power generated electricity is a perpetual renewable energy.

3. Windmills:

Windmills is a source of energy that converts wind energy to electric power. As we run out of rivers to convert to electric power wind energy becomes more popular. Today we are building huge windmill which generater huge amounts of electricity. Also there are many windmills constructed in one area wich is called wind farms these wind farms can generate enough energy to power whole towns. But in the mean time you can build small windmills which can power your cabin or a remote home.

4. Neclear energy:

Neclear energy is created by neclear fission this type of energy is the same energy which creates an atomic bomb but it can also create electricity for commerical and domestic use. this energy is created through very sofisticated methods which I am not qualitified to explain but it do work. Neclear energy is a clean energy and safe if it is cintroled but is very dangerous and not so safe if it gets out of control. It creates heat which heats huge amounts of water and operates huge steam turbines to create electric power.

Bio-waste and bio fuel:

With bio-waste creases gases and instead of letting these gases be wasted it can be burned to generate electrical power. Also these days bio fuels can be made from corn and sugar cane and used to generate electric power.

You can make power at home with solar panel and windmills to reduce or eliminate some or all your electric bill

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