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Living Off The Power Grid
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Power Shortage

We are consumers of commerical power ond the more power we consume the less power is available for consumption which is creating a shortage of non-renewable power. The warnings we get about power consumption is heard all the time and the damage we are causing to the environment and the upper atmosphere.

All this is telling us that it is about time we started making changes in our life and the way we use our commerical power. Is there anything we can do about this? Well we could start by consuming less power. By consuming less power we would help the environment and save power and we would also save money on our power bill. Not only will you do a lot of good for the world by enlarging our green footprint we would feel better about doing this.

Thers are advantabes of consuming less power.

1. We could reduce our dependence on the public utilities. This would cut down on consuming our natural resources. By doing this you would learn to rely on your own resources and not so much o government resources. Don't you hate losing power when your in the middle of some important event. If you take charge of such events and turn things around by developing your own alternate power systems and solutions.

2. There are natural resources that you can use freely. It would be delightful to use your own power and not have to pay power bills. You can take advantage of natural power produced from solar power and wid power. This would be a solution to your power needs.

3. When you develope your own power in the long run you would be saving money that youcould use for other things. You would see a return on your investments sooner then you think. After a while it would be free.

4. By you investing in renewable sesources now you will be making a greener and healthier environment for our future generations. It would be nice to make a better future for our children and grandchildren. Im sure they would appreciate the effort we put into trying to make a better future for them.

5. You may think it is not feasible to look for alternate power but you would be surprised to find that it is easier then you think to rely on alternate solutions.

Make your own homemade solar powered panels or your own homemade windmills and reduce or eliminate your energy bills.

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