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Producing Commerical Electricity

Do you know how electritity is made commericially?

Commercial electricity is produced by turning largr turbined.these turbines are turned by many different means. Some of the most common ways of producing electricity are as follows. I hope I can explain some of the methods of suppling electricity.

1. Commerical electricity is produced with fossil fuel like coal, petroleum and natural gas. Large amounts of Water is heated with fossil fuel in huge boilers. The steam produced drives large turbines. So as the turbines turn they produce electricity.

2. Commerical electricity is also produced with hyrdo power or water power. To produce electricity with hydro power rivers are damed and huge surge tunnels are made through which water flows and turns the large turbines which produce the electricity. Water or hydro is a very clean source of energy. But large areas of land is flooded to produce this type of power but then again it is a renewable source of energy.

3. Commerical power is also produced by wind powered generators. Windmills are turned by the wind and this turns the generators to produce electricity. Wind power is also a clean source of power. wind power os a great source of power fof small towns.

4. Commerical electricity is also made from bio fuel or bio waste this is done by burning plant or bio waste..Water is heated and turbines is turned with the steam.This is a cleaner source then fossil fuels.

5. Another source of producing electricity is nuclear energy. The chain reacion from nuclear fission causes heat which heats water and drives steam generators to create electric power, This tupe of power is also considered to be clean power as long as it is kept under control.

With all the sources of producing electricity the globe is still looking for alternate energy. Most of the regular sources of producing energy does damage to the environment in one way or the other.

With our fossil fuels slowly running out and our water power supplies being gradually being depleated in trerms of more to develope we ar going to need alternate supplies.

So it looks like the only limitless supplies is either wind power ,solar power or both because they the ones we can depend on. Small projects can help so we can build wind farms and solar panels and storage units.

Maybe we can somehow do our small part by building homemade wind generators or solar panels to reduce or elimate our power bills.

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